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Not so good news.

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My husband went to have his results today, and we were feeling quite possitive. He is having Avastin and capsitapin, and the moment. The scan showed mild progression, with liver lung and peritoneum, no chance of surgery. He is going to have the chemo Irinotecan, as well as avastin and capcitaping first roung 3rd of Jan. The fight continues but does get harder, oh well life goes on, we wont think too far ahead. Has anyone had experiance of this drug?

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I pray everything goes smoothly with everything coming up. This cancer is such a roller coaster ride you just have to hang on for the ride. Jeff

Brenda Bricco
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My husband did 5fu with Avastin and had good results (rectal tumor with many mets to liver).
I hope switching things up a bit gets you going the right way with this.
GOD's blessings to you.

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My husband was on avastin for along time, not sure but around a year with 5fu, he had irinotecan only once had a pretty bad reaction and is doing great with vectibix right now. Hopefully the irinotecan will do good things for you. Kim

Cathleen Mary
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If only this was a disease with known twists and turns. Bumpy rides tske a lot out of us. Hoping with you. Be assured of my prayers and thoughts of health.
Cathleen Mary

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ok so he is doing basically a 5FU in pill form and Irenotecan and avastin.
I don't know anything about Avastin. but I have been doing the irenotecan with out the 5fu for the last 2 months we stopped the 5fu . They are ok.. normal chemo sideeffects.
I am also taking Vectibix. I am stable at this point. but as others have said. everyone is different.
Good Luck .. enjoy the holidays..

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Sorry to hear that things are not getting better. Sometimes a switch in treatment is necessary and can actually change the progression. I'm hoping that a new direction will help.


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Sorry to hear about the progression. My husband was on 5fu, Irinotican and Avastin for 20 months and it shrunk everything in his lungs and kept is very small and stable for 20 months. It is very important with the Irinotican to keep ahead of the diarrhea. Try a probiotic 3 times a day and he needs to keep hydrated.

Best to both of you!


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Don't ya just hate those scans? Especially when you are feeling so positive only to have the scans tell you different. I say stay positive. I have had to switch up my chemo combination more than a few times over the past few years. Different combos work for different people and everyone seems to experience the side effects differently. I have been on Irinotecan with fluorouracil (5FU)+ this or that (Avastin, Cetuximab, Zaltrap) over the last few years and have not had any terribly adverse side effects from it. Most people have to manage the diarrhea, I have to manage the constipation the first few days but after that it's fine. Glad he has you to support him. Keep up the fight!
My best to you both,

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