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How do you know if your platium sensitive (Carbo)

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People on this site talk alot about being platium sensitive. What does that mean? Does that mean you have an alergic reaction or does it mean you don't have an allergic reaction but the drug is not working for you?

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I THINK it means you have a reaction to the drug (some mild some severe) that you are unable to take the drug. Some are so reactive to the drugs with platium that it puts their health at risk. I hope all this is correct. I had six carboplatium/taxol rounds and really didn't have any bad reactions. Best, debrajo

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I think it could mean either that you don't tolerate it well or that your tumor is platinum sensitive. For me my tumor is platinum resistant and I am platinum sensitive so idk why they have given me 3 differant platinum regimens.

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I asked my DR today what platinum sensitive meant. Basically you do well on a platinum based treatment with no reoccurrence within 6 months -
Here is the definition I found online that concurs with what my DR had said today.
The patient’s tumor is platinum-sensitive, which means that the patient had a complete response to front-line treatment with a platinum compound and had a treatment-free interval without clinical evidence of progressive disease for greater than 6 months.
Hope that helps.

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