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Thanks for all that rode the PINK bus yesterday

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I arrived for prep at hospital at 9:30 yesterday(trouble as always with IV) then to next adventure to get the WIRE put in..followed by what I was told ONLY 2 mamos. Well I stopped counting after 10...yet they still could not see the wire or chip! They finally gave up...long wait in holding area for surgery...but out ahd home by 6 pm..no pain today..nor pain killers just ice...all good...IN week i'll know if scar tissue from lumpectomy 4 yrs ago.

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Happy toughts for you! The wait is hard I know. I hope for the best! Marianne

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I am so glad that you did well!!! Yay! So glad that is over. I'll be holding your hand waiting and praying. Please let me know!

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Jean 0609
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Glad it's over. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good results.


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and better results for you, Denise! Hugs, Linda

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Hi Denise - I am glad all went well. Praying for good results and inner peace.

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Thanks again everyone...all good NO cancer just scar tissue from DCIS...(i Posted else where but just in case you didnt' see it..



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