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colon cancer

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in july of 2012 and had surgery for a tumor that was removed along with 13 lymph nodes and then had a pet scan in september and found out that there was cancer in 6 spots on the liver,2 surrounding lymph nodes and a spot up on the top of the lungs and the oncologist recommended chemo to try to control it and said that i would have 2 to 3 years to live. another thing he said was that cancer gets used to chemo drugs after a while and therefore makes the cancer resistant to chemo. IS THERE ANY HOPE OF BEATING THIS I MEAN IM TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE AND I DONT BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS IN THAT I CANT BEAT THIS BY THE WAY HAD A PET SCAN ON MONDAY 11/26/ 2012 AND IT SHOWED MARKED IMPROVEMENT WHERE ON THE SCAN IT SHOWED REALLY TINY SPOTS NOW BEFORE THEY WERE 3CM AND 4CM AND MY CEA LEVE HAS DROPPED FROM 2.3 TO 1.2. SO CAN I BEAT THIS? I REFUSE TO STOP FIGHTING

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It is true that over time that cancer cells 'can' and 'do' desensitize themselves to a particular chemo drug...fortunately, there are a couple of big front line players...and a steady eddy called 5fu by IV...or Xeloda by pill that are quality mainstays.

How or when a chemo drugs stops working is a mystery and none of us know at what point that would happen.

The time to fight hard is right now...time to fire the big guns right now.

As far as their prognostication...that's their medical opinion based on their experience and their protocol...however, it is by no means set in stone.

I've had cancer 3x so far...and am recovering strong now...stronger every day still...and I just made 8.6 years.

I was given a death sentence in Xmas 2007 and told it would be "highly unlikely" that I would see Xmas 2008...I just checked the calendar...and in less than a month...it will be Xmas 2012.

I proved a legendary liver surgeon, a liver specialist...and a liver onc...as well as my own then onc...that they would be dead wrong about me.

I've been fortunate...I've responded to multiple surgeries and multiple treatments of radiation and all kinds of chemo...I've taken a real beating and there has been collateral damage, but I'm still working full time and getting back on my feet, now post 18 months out of my last year long fight. (my 3rd time).

Take what they say with a grain of salt...if in doubt, seek a 2nd opinion so that you can evaluate the two philosiphies...and this will help cement your decision making process.

When we're first diagnosed, we always think "cured."

But, CURE is a moving target - and as such, is very hard to hit when you aim for it. Cancer is steady, it is methodical, and it is relentless in its pursuit.

Most of us have experienced Recurrence...which is cancer after you think "you're cured."

It's important to keep in mind that CURE is our goal...but while we are reaching for that plateau, it's vital that we remember that we can EXTEND our lives by more time than we were given.

This board is just full of folks like that...Stage IV's or Metastatic Stage IV's...many like myself have gotten ahead of the tremendous odds so far and have lived far longer than should have even been expected.

I know you're new...there is Hope...one cannot give up on Hope until you fight, fight and fight some more...only through Time can any of our stories really be told - as to how far out that we can stretch.

There are many of us that do not make it...I'm not going to lie to you.

But, there are many who have and have moved on past this forum, so don't be depressed if you don't find alot of stories about success.

There are many of us who stay here to mentor to the new folks to help guide them on their journey...

Right now, don't put the horse before the cart, until you've given this all that there is to give...and then some...

I love a good fight - sounds like you do too:)

Now, saddle up and let's ride after 'em!

Best wishes to you and your fight.


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My advice, Find a different Oncologist!

Cancer treatments have changed and drugs have been refined. Had I listened to the first Oncologist we spoke with, I would not be here now.

Do your own research for health. Diet, Exercise, staying positive, stress, etc.. all have bearing on our health.

We are sending our good thoughts and prayers.
Best Always, mike

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This cancer ride is full of ups and downs...we just have fight it with all are might. I was dx in june2009 and given 6months and here it is almost 2013. So you can see nobody really knows how we will react to everything. The good news is there are new drugs being approved so hang in there. I'm praying for the best for you. Jeff

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Never ever give up hope or fighting and yes there are many on this board that have been living full lives for 7+ years and continue with treatment at the same time. Welcome to the board also. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. There is a lot of knoweledgeable people here. Good luck in your treatment and that is great news on your scan and labs.


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have given you some outstanding advice. and i would get a consult with another onc. i was dx dec 2010 with stage 3 colon cancer. i had surg & did 12 folfox tx. i was ned ( no evedence of disease) until june 2012. my onc ordered tests then was on vacation for 2 weeks. the covering onc told me i had 2-3 months , maybe 1 year at the most if i did folfox with avastin. i was shocked because i was working full time & had no symptoms.i did not believe himabout the life time frame. well we went to ohio state & university of cincinnati for more testing & consults. then saw my onc. they all agreed to do folfiri with avastin. they also let me know they did not agree with the 1st onc on both the life time of "2-3 months maybe 1 year" & the type of chemo. sometimes you need to get another opinion. this week i completed #10 tx. there have been bumps in the road but i am still 5 feet above ground! i was dx with colon cancer in the liver, peritoneal, 2 abdom, & rt ovary. i had ct & mri scans after #6 chemo & the results were that the liver cancer is gone & all other tumors, except the rt ovary, decreased by at least 1/2! my onc was shocked. now the onc thinks thinks the ovary has a cyst. one of the peritoneal tumors was a 5+cm & is now 12mm. i will have surg in feb then more chemo but you know what? i am able to do alot of things with family & friends. and i am still working but have cut back. it is important to keep a positive attitude! no one knows how long we will live. be thankful for today & keep your fighting spirit. you need that!
prayers & hugs

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if you have another choice of doctors, i think i would kick this one to the curb. You need someone who is going to give you some hope and the motivation to fight. And despite what you're facing, you should have hope! There are folks on this forum who have also faced liver and lung involvement and are still going strong after several years of treatments and surgery. The chemo may very well get you into a position to have surgery, and with surgery comes the possibility of a cure. I would find a doctor who would support me in making this my goal. Keep us posted on how you're doing~Ann Alexandria

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First, welcome to the site and these message boards.

Second, when looking on the Internet for reliable sources be sure you use thingsl like the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, the major cancer centers (you can find a list of them on the internet), ColoRectal Cancer (CRC) Connections or other reputable sources for information.

Third, I would get a second opinion if I were you. Not trying to frighten you or second guess your doctor, but a second opinion is always a good idea. While I'm not a doctor, I don't have your scans, pathology, or labs in front of me and wouldn't know what they meant if I did, if you search for the definition of Stage III, the metastases to your liver and lungs sound an awful lot like you've been mis-staged. If you seek a second opinion, be sure the doctor is not part of your existing oncologist's group or network as they tend to be loathe to contradict a colleague in the same network or group.

Fourth, keep in mind none of us, no one knows when our day and time are. The only thing certain is that someday all of us will ultimately meet the same fate, death. The take away is to live every day like it's your last to the best of your ability. Hug your kids and wife, tell them you love them, enjoy the beauty around you, take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of clean morning air then do it again at night and enjoy the coming of nightfall. Can't tell you how many times in my career I could have died, right now, today, but somehow came out of the situation alive and if not kicking at least alive. On the other hand I had colleagues driving home in the evening, who were killed in an auto accident. Remember, none of us, not a one knows for sure when the end will come.

Fifth, with the we'll all eventually die piece said, fight with everything you've got. This is a test of wills. It's your will against the cancer's. And, in my mind my will is going to emerge victorious. You don't have the power to alter some of the tools you'll fight with, only the doctor can order chemotherapy, perform surgery, order radiation, etc., but remember he/she works for you. Start and maintain a log and write down your questions and ask them, hell read them so you deliver them accurately and WRITE DOWN THE ANSWERS from your doctor. Learn to become a pest. Leave no stone unturned and ask the questions until you understand the answer. Do what you can to aid the fight. Exercise, diet, meditation, yoga, tai chi can all have a positive affect on your condition so find out as much as you can and do what you can and what fits your personality.

Lastly, get your mind into this fight. Your in the fight of your life. If you've never been fighter, become one. If you've been a figher, gird yourself mentally for the ups and down inevitable in any fight. You'll get punched, you'll get knocked down, but get your mind ready to pick yourself up and get your dukes back up and ready to go again. Never give up. My attitude is this thing will have to kill me as I won't go quietly into the night.

Good luck and remember we're here to help and support you.


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