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First chemo done today

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My first T/C done, thanks God everything went fine, no bad reactions so I was done in 2.5 hrs. I am dreading the bad side effects in the next few days. I know they said it should start about the 3rd day or so. I am drinking lots of fluids, eating as much I want and satisfying my cravings for now..just preparing for the time when the time comes that it's even hard to swallow water...I cut my hair short, 9 inches off a week before and the went to order a wig closed to my new hairdo. I figured it will be easier to lost a short hair than a thick, long curly hair...no offence to the short haired friends there.but I cannot imagine losing my hair, I know it's just hair...thanks for all your support my friends out there...it's gonna be rough these coming days but with my family and friends who are very supportive and with the Lord with me in this journey, I know I gonna make it, and make it good I say!

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missed you when you first came on. It is really hard to lose your hair. I remember cutting mine short, it made it easier when it did fall out on day 14. The good thing is hair grows back!

You are right, it is so hard on your family. I know that I try to keep the strong face on around my family so they don't worry, and the last thing I am feeling is strong.

With one down, you are on your way.

Hugs and prayers,

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Yes, you will make it! We're all very proud of you!

Sue :)

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Eleanor, I am so glad to see you posting. I have followed a few posts here about people about to start chemo, then they never post back, which causes me to have great fear for the road Im about to walk down in a few weeks, after my surgery.

I also am very concerned about the hair loss thing, but probably more upset about eyebrows and lashes. My hair is short and curly but I have really nice long lashes, I cant imagine what I will look like without them.

I sure hope your side effects are as tolerable as possible, and last as short as possible.

Are you on a once every 3 week cycle? What was your surgery?

Will be waiting to hear from your next comments.

All the best to you!

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Losing my hair was very traumatic since I felt it was my identity. I had it shaved short (not off) after my first chemo - I had already started to lose it some. 2-3 days later, I razored it totally off myself. It was the only thing I had control of myself and surprisingly, gave me some power. Your hair coming out is on outward symbol of this nasty disease but also of the chemo doing its trick. My eyebrows and eyelashes didn't 100% come out so I had sparse hair there. It did bother me that my once thick and long eyelashes weren't there but again, the chemo was working. Beware, there are good hair losses to enjoy. Leg hair and chin hair for instance. I had been warned about the pubic hair loss but in case you hadn't, that happens too. It all comes back - some the same & some differently. It's a journey!


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Its every 21days, only 4 sessions. I had lumpectomy with sentinel biopsy and axillary dissections...clear margins, had 2 lymph nodes dissected, had a very little ca cell, came out neg on final pathology. I did not score well on my mammostrat study although I was on the early stage...stage1 A but my tumor size was on the border line to stage 2. ( 1.9cm)... Have been eating all day today, drinking my fluids...so far none of the bad side effects yet but I am trying to be ready...medications are ready just in case....

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I wouldn't say I sailed through chemo (which I finished 10days ago), but it wasn't horrible. I had a couple rough days after Taxol each time, but stayed pretty active overall. I volunteered in my sons' classrooms, taught classes online, shopped, walked, rode my bike, met with friends, etc. I was more tired and needed naps the days right after chemo and definitely didn't have a high level of activity like before (no non-stop 12 hours days or long mountain bike rides, for example). My life was definitely do-able most of the time. So...I guess I'd say be prepared for anything, good or bad. I worked on hydration like you are and feel like that really helped. For the 2-8 chemo session ,I began pounding the fluids a couple days before just to prepare. Maybe it was pyschological, but it seemed easier. Also, if you do get side effects, tell them and ask for meds to help. They are available for most symptoms.. Good luck. It sounds like everything is going well so far.

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I had a HUGE amount of hair. It was kindof my signature. But I shaved it all off (actually my hubby did) and I loved every minute of the six months I was bald. The only thing I didn't really like was losing my eyebrows and eyelashes towards the end, but the hair...NAH. It was exhilerating being able to get up and just GO! No flat irons, no blow dryers...no SHAMPOO! HAHA! I am now 5 months past last treatment and have a head of short tight chemo curls. Even THIS is fun! I wear long dangling earrings to accentuate, and step up the makeup. I get compliments on the street constantly...women saying they love my hair and wish they had the guts to cut their's like it. It has been an amazing experience for me! Call me weird, but I embraced it!

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Alexis F
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Congrats on getting that first one done! Praying for no bad side effects for you. Keep us updated.

Hugs, Lex

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi Eleanor,

That's one done...and one step closer to the end! I'm glad you didn't have any bad reactions, and I hope you are one of the lucky few who also doesn't have bad side effects. If you do get some icky side effects, be sure and ask your doc and come here to ask about it. Someone here will have some advice for you.

As for the hair, yes it's traumatic to loose it. I had long, thick hair and I've lost mine 3 times now. It helped a lot each time to shave my head myself...it gave me a degree of control I wouldn't have otherwise. Also, I bought two wigs and have used them each one time. I found them uncomfortable and hot. I mostly wear hats, but some scarves too.

Good luck with the rest of your treatments.



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Congrats Eleanor. We will all be here to celebrate when you post that it is your last one. How many more do you have?


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Your attitude sounds excellent, which is a big help in dealing with chemo. I had 8 infusions every other week, starting in April. Once in awhile, towards the end, I was getting tired of going for chemo on Monday, going back for a shot on Tuesday, and then at the end of the next week going for a blood draw to see if I was good to go for chemo the following Monday. I remember telling myself to just deal with it, which I did. Reactions to chemo is quite individual. I was surprised at what I was up to doing. I had a few days when I would lie low the four times I took adriamycin and cytoxan. With the taxol, I had a few short-lived problems, but I got through those all right as well. I think the only thing I still have from that is my two small toes on my right foot tend to be borderline numb to numb.

My husband and I went on a mini-vacation 10 days after I finished my final chemo. We were gone four days, traveling up to 350 or so miles from home.

You learn to work through the challenges that come your way with the chemo, knowing that this does not last forever. Actually, it is a small amount of time in the big scheme of things.

Stay upbeat. Don't hole yourself up in your house. You'll do fine.

Best wishes to you

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Good for you!
Good luck with everything.

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I am one of the few males who have breast cancer and only have had 2 TC treatments and have started the Herceptin. I started losing my hair about 2 weeks after the 1st treatment and even though I am a man and can more easily get by with my buzzed head, it was still traumatic. You see, I have had a mustache since I was about 19, I am 62 now. It hid a scar that I was very self conscious about. I lost most of the mustache and my goatee and had to shave it all off. Honestly, I wasn't really happy about it. I also lost my taste for a week this time, that was a little hard. My bones ached and my feet felt like I was walking on rocks. However you may have other side effects so just roll with it as best you can and don't be afraid to call your nurses for advice, I do. That being said, I know it is all part of exorcising the 'beast'and therefore I WILL deal with it all.
You have a good attitude and trust in our Lord, I know we will make it through this!
God wants us to be cancer free and that is what we will be!

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Finishing your first chemo is a celebration Eleanor! You keep a positive attitude and we will all continue to pray that you will get thru this with no side effects.

Hugs, Debby

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Congratulations on getting the first treatment done. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. I'm just a few weeks behind you and our situation sounds very familiar.

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Eleanor, I don't think I am that vain, but losing my hair was so hard for me too! I am the only girl in my family with curly hair and I have always hated my hair, but boy did I bawl when I lost it!

I had mine cut short too and did wear a wig (although I think the bald sisters here are absolutely beautiful). I just never had the courage to take my wig off.

It must have been a pretty good wig because, when I finally stopped wearing it, I had a physician friend come up to me and comment on my "radical haircut." She nearly died when I told her it was the chemo special--she never knew that I had had a wig on for months!

I had bad nausea and vomiting after the first round of chemo, but my oncologist's nurse and I worked out a drug regimen that kept me well. After that, I did really well and worked throughout my chemo.

Good luck! I am really pulling for you. Please let us know how you are doing. Big (((hugs))).

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