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OT - What does your State require to renew DL?

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Just wondeering what other States are requiring to renew your Driver's License - not what's required to get the first one in that State but to RENEW.

Here in SD, to RENEW everytime it requires your current DL. Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and 2 pieces of mail from a utility company or government agency for everyone. For women, you also have to have copies of each marriage license you have ever had and if a divorce/death, you have to have proof for ALL.

So what does your Statte require for women?

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Looks like in WI you need:
A Vision Screening done at the DMV and fill out the form
If you will be renewing on or after January 14, 2013 and want a REAL ID compliant driver license, you must also provide proof of:
Name, Date of Birth
Citizenship or legal status in the U.S.
Social Security Number
Wisconsin residency (where you live)
Name change (if applicable)

If you have legally changed your name, you will need to change your name with the Social Security Administration Office before coming to a DMV service center. When you come to a DMV service center to change your name on your driver license or identification card, you will be required to show proof of your name change.

The following are acceptable documents to show proof of your name change:

Marriage certificate (original, certified copy if original is not available)
Certified record of divorce
Certified court order

I wonder why if you are a woman you have to provide documentation for every divorce and marriage in your state? I think that is asking for an awful lot of paperwork and extra charges many may not be able to afford if a person needs to get copies of marriage licenses and divorce/death decrees.

Now what WI needs for proof of identity I don't know. I thought years ago it couldn't be a driver's license but I am not sure. I don't need to renew my til 2015.

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Eye tests are required here but that has nothing to do with paperowrk 'you' are required to present.

I've only been married once (will be 37 yrs next Thursday) so only one marriage certificate for me. (Ex DIL (who lives here) has been married 5 tiimes (Son was #4) so she has to take a lot of papers.) They say it is to track ALL names you have ever used. I changed my name with SS within days of getting married and with FL DMV then. Here your Voter registration is not acceptable as to where you live - takes 2 mail from 'somethings governmental' to prove (utility bills, vehicle registration, or from the 'Government'). As the law now reads when I renew again I will have to take ALL in again - OK, I can see proving who I am ONCE and where I live for renewals but as my other papers are in the 'system' why should I have to bring them in again if nothing has changed?

Hubby is retired USN - his ID card clearly shows his birth date and SS# - thus verified many years ago but that is not acceptable to the State.

Don't get me wrong - I do think that there needs to documentaion in today's world BUT - REALLY where's logic?

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you need to have your birth certificate and then for women a marriage license. That is what the notice I received said. After I went through the trouble of locating both all they looked at was my birth certificate. I really think the whole thing is stupid since I have had a DL in this state since 1985. If I have lived 66 years being who I say I am why would they question that? Just another waste of taxpayers money.


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