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Group Cyber Hug

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I have not posted much lately but have been keeping up with each of you as some continue their journey and others just start it. I am behind on responding to the many posts and I apologize. I need to pay forward the wonderful support we got here during hubby's tonsil cancer treatment.

Some of you have good news, others new challenges. But all of you, patients, survivors, caregivers, family and friends are warriors and I admire each and every one of you. Reading all the posts lately, it just seemed like we all needed a great big group cyber hug.

So here's a big cyber hug from Deb and Dale to you and yours. And prayers for each of you to have strength, courage and comfort.


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in the words of Sylvia Boorstein:

"I say a blessing for all the people we’ve mentioned, and for all people suffering everywhere, and I ring the bell. Usually, we all just sit there and look at each other for a while. Often, I find myself feeling speechless, stunned both by the array of pains that body and mind are heir to, and humbled by our communal courage to carry on in spite of challenges in our lives and our willingness to share them with each other.

What more compelling evidence could there be of the inevitable difficulties of life? Every week, as we listen to each other and hear about sicknesses of young people and old people, about disappointments and losses at all ages, we directly confirm that it is impossible to be a human being connected by affection to others and not be vulnerable to pains beyond our own. My sense is that hearing the implicit message that most of us carry on in spite of our difficulties builds strength and courage."

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Hugs to you and yours as well.


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Cyber hug sounds good. I want some cyber sunshine too (I can’t help it my feet are cold).

Take care Deb and Dale.



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