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Post Treatment Issue

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My 85 year old father is 3 months 33 radiation and 7 chemo therapy treatments for epiglottis cancer. Although he says he 'feels good' and is eating (some) and drinking without problems, he does say he has a lump in his throat. Says he tries clearing it, and doesn't inhibit his swallowing, but still feels like it is there. He had his 3 month post treatment PET Scan today and we should get results on Friday. Is this a common 'feeling' following throat cancer treatment?

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More than likely, he'll have them all for a long while.

It's very likely what he is feeling is residual damage from rads.

He can always go see his ENT for a hands on, or wait for some news in a few days.

But the news won't ease his mind on the throat issue.

Communicate with your MD's and if nothing else schedule an appointment. If it's nothing, at least that should provide some short term comfort.


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your Father is doing remarkable. I had di vinci robot surgery November 2,2011. My epiglottis was removed...fast forward to 2012, I am just now..1 year out, able to eat about anything I want..up until now, it's been feeding tube and then soft diet..my only complaint is the feeling of something in my throat..if he gets an answer from his Dr. please post, my Dr says it's normal and will go away.Was your Fathers epiglottis removed?

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No, my father's epiglottis was not removed, they did not believe he was a candidate for surgery of this and did not feel as though the outcome would be any better. I greatly appreciate the feedback and will post outcome.

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that seems to come and go still and I am 9 monnth out from my last rad. My post PET and CT's in the neck all showed clear...but that "lump" "squeezing" feeling was there for quite some time...I hear it is normal, but should of course be checked...you will know when you get your PET results.

Your dad must be one tough guy....prayers for the best news :)


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