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Would you have your rad tattoo's removed?

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Mine are really faded and you can barely see them. I have a girlfriend that is thinking of having hers removed by laser. I thought I had read somewhere that you might want to keep them, so, if you go to the hospital, they will see them and realize you had rads? But, mine are so faded that I don't think they'd see them. What's your thoughts?


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I don't think I can even see mine, not that I have looked hard for them.

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I really have to search to see one. The others have faded too much..gone

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I do not plan to have mine removed, since they do not show. To me, it would be just another
process to have to go through. I am older, so I realize that a younger person might choose
to have hers removed. Personal choice....

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One of mine is gone, one is quite faded/almost gone, one is fading but one is still quite 'bright'. Honestly thanks to my extensive rad burn scars - I don't think that medical staff would ever think that I hadn't had rads - especially considering that I had a mod. rad. mast..

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I have to get a magnifying glass out to see them. Truly, I do. Almost gone forever!


Pink Rose
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I never even thought about doing this.  If it bothers you, I think you should have them removed.  But, they will fade.



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I hadn't even thought about it...it would just be too much hassle for no benefit. And that area of my chest is such a mess a couple of dots don't make a difference.



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I'm almost 3 years out from radiation, and I have very mixed feelings about my tattoos.

I know nothing about tattoos in general, but I'm curious about what some of you have said about them fading: Don't tattoos only fade because they're exposed to sunlight over time? Have all of you ladies been out sunbathing topless...? :-)

I have 3 tattoos -- 2 are so far back on either side of my torso that I have to do twisty yoga just to see them. But one is dead center of my cleavage, and I see it every day when I get dressed.

I would like to say that I see it as a badge of honor, but I don't. It -- along with my 2 lumpectomy scars and 2 sentinel node biopsy scars -- is a daily reminder that I'll never be able to completely escape cancer.

Would I ever really go through the trouble and pain of having it removed? No. But is there a part of me that would like to not have to see it anymore? Yes.


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Can hardly see them, never think about them and I've got such bigger fish to fry!

Hugs, Renee

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C'mon Traci, I bet I'm not the only one here who thinks you "know nothing about tatoos". Didn't I hear something about an alcohol fueled trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras? Or was it during one of the many festivals in NYC? c'mon,girl, tell the truth, LOL!

I'll keep my tatts so I can tell my tatood all over defendants that I think tatts are cool. (And then I think, "dude, you're getting so much state aid, and you can afford a snake that goes all the way up your arm, or a feather behind your neck that goes to your back??!) And I'll keep them so next time (hopefully there won't be) it will be easier on the rad techs.

Now, tell us all about your many many tatts, Traci!

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At least that's what I was told because I asked. Rad tats are more closely related to 'prison tat' than fancy expensive 'store bought' ones.

I can assure you my rad tats have never been exposed to 'real' sunshine but have some fading. I hadn't thought about it but occasionally they have been exposed to my light box. I deal with fairly severe SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder - depression from lack of sunshine) so use my light box which simulates sunshine and at times when feeling 'lower' I will sometimes when it's just me, my Corgi, Hubby's B&T Coonhound and my bunny at home I will go naked and sit under the light from the light box for a while so entire body is in the simulated sunshine. Do not confuse a light box with a tanning bed - totally different.

Winyan - The Power Within


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Posts: 3873
Joined: May 2009

She still hasn't decided for sure. I really think she is not going to do it. I just told her to do whatever she wants.


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I wouldn't touch them. Mine are not that visible either. And of course, I would not do any type of laser treatment in the area where I was radiated previously, for safety reasons.

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Which leads to a funny story:

With my rectal cancer, I had positioning marks all across my bottom. BUT I talked to my rad/onc, and said "I do NOT want tats on my behind, even if I can't see them!". So, he sent me home with a sharpie marker. Well, my beau had left to take care of his mom when his dad died, so my daughter was living with me to help. SOOOOOO we now share a smile whenever the subject comes up...she has seen parts of her mother no daughter ever expects to see...*smile*.....

As far as removing the reminder...well...I have an 8" scar between my pubis and my bellybutton. And one on my breast. And one in my armpit. And 3 laparoscopy dots on my belly. And the last, a 2-inch scar on my chest from my port. AND a definite dislike for any more procedures, surgical or otherwise, that will hurt.

SOOOO...*grin* I just look at these as conversation starters...if someone seems particularly interested, I punch out my signature line of "I was given 6 months to live, 8 years ago"....and it goes from there.

Show me someone who is perfect, both in body and in emotion...THEN I may contemplate doing something about my 'butt belly'...until then, I'm happy with myself...first time in my life I can say, as was once said about a past president..."I am comfortable in my own skin!"

ALL of that said, if it really, really bothers you...GO FOR IT! I would! (perfect in emotion is my goal...*smile*).

BIG hugs for some BIG decisions!!!! Kathi

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Joined: Oct 2010

Mine are still as dark as they started out 4 yrs ago..they LOOK like freckles..


Alexis F's picture
Alexis F
Posts: 3602
Joined: May 2009

If it really bothers anyone that has them, I would say go ahead and get them lasered off. You can't see where mine were anymore.


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Joined: Oct 2011

I can now tell my kids I have tatoos! Not that I would show those tats to anyone. I have two that can be seen when I wear a bathing suit or a V neck top. I just use concealer and they are gone.

Great question

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Double Whammy
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Mine look the same 2+ years later. I just looked at them because I'd forgotten all about them. They're pretty obscure. My breasts are not small, so maybe that's why I don't see them, but I don't. It's funny, I have the scars from lumpectomy, nodes, and my 5 stab wounds from the hysterectomy, and I seldom think about them. They're all just part of me now. Now, the hair thing I think about - a lot!

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I guess anyone considering having them removed must have better eyesight than me and perfect skin. I never notice or think about them .

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That is funny Mary, telling your kids that you have tattoos. It is true though. LOL

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I actually forget about mine too. I am looking now and the one I can see blends in with the freckles. If it did bother me, I would probably have them removed, but, I really don't care. No one else would have any idea what or where it is, and, that is if they could find it. Yet, everyone has to do what they want and if she wants to laser her's off, go for it.

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Why bother with something one can barely see without a magnifier? It is good to leave in case radiation in the future is needed.

Better off to give the money that will be spent on laser to the needy at this time of year.

Just a thought,


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Can barely see one and it looks like a freckle. If your friend would feel better having hers removed, then she should. I guess I never even thought about removing them.

Angie2U's picture
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Joined: Sep 2009

Did she have them removed or decide not to?  Curious as to how much it would cost to have them lasered off.  Did she say anything about that? 

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Angie, she hasn't had them removed yet.  I think she is waiting to see if they do fade and then she will probably decide.  I don't know the cost.  I'll have to ask her.


CypressCynthia's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

No way.  They are hardly noticeable, but I am getting older...lol.  I'll be 60 next month Surprised.

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Posts: 3873
Joined: May 2009

Happy birthday early CC! 

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I just joined and have seen many interesting posts.  This one, however, really struck home because I just noticed the tat between my breasts the other day when I was checking out an incision that I thought had healed but was a little red.  I tried to wash it off, then realized what it was.  LOL.  I think if it really bothers you, get them gone.  I have had mine for almost 4 years and they look the same as they did then.  Not very dark at all and I forget they are there.  With the scar under my arm from the lymph node removals, the scars down my chest and on my sides from pleural surgeries and drains, those tats are nothing.  At least it will show them where I can't have radiation this time around!!

Good luck to you all and long life!



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Alexis F
Posts: 3602
Joined: May 2009

Hi Jerri and welcome to the site!  I know mine are almost invisible now, and, I just wonder if everyone's will just go away after so long.  I kind of think they will.  I never really even thought about them as they really went away fast, and, even when they were there, they just looked like a few extra freckles.



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