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Mamogram Today

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Glad to be done
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Being that I was told I was BRCA1 positive I was nervous about my mamogram today. Well I was nervous for no reason. All is clear with this one. In June I will have a breast MRI and then my regular mamogram in November. They are watching me close and I am good with that for now.

Now for my next follow up and CA 125 check with my oncologist. Fingers crossed that all goes well. I am on a good news streak so I hope it keeps going.....

For now all that is on the back burner and it is time to pour my energy into Christmas and New Years. I am so excited for the holidays this year. I am so ready to put this year to sleep.......

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kimberly sue 63
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My mammogram was clear too and I am also BRCA1. I too want to get the new year going for a fresh start. Enjoy your holidays!

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Glad to be done
Posts: 569
Joined: Jul 2012

Thanks Kim. Can't wait till 2012 is done..... Glad all went well with your test as well. How are you feeling thses days?

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I hope your holidays are wonderful and festive. I hope that 2013 will be a good year for all of us!


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You deserve some good new for a chane I am very happy for you. Now you can enjoy your holidays. Val.

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