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New Today..not happy

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I had an oncology visit today. There were still some questions I had that were not answered. One of them was my Grade. The doc told me I am grade 3. So I am Stage 3c3. I am freeking out. Is this going to change the outcome for me? Is there anyone out there with Grade 3 that have had a long NED?

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I was diagnosed high grade, which is grade 3 or better, stage IIIc. Have been NED since March 2010. My CA-125 is currently 1.

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Glad to be done
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I was grade 3 and been NED since the end of June

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I was dx April 3 2008 have been NED since finished chemo Oct 2008
So 4 plus yrs. with no recurrences. My CA 125 has stayed around 5
Wishing you well.

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