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Hi folks, altho I dont have prostate cancer I do have a question I thought someone here may have went thru. I take Flomax for enlarged bladder and prostate, I also have severe sinus problems and am on oxygen at night because of lung removal due to lung cancer. My urologist told me to stay away from decongestants and antihistimes because it makes matters worst. However my sinus gets so plugged I cant breath thru nose and the only thing I found that helps is decongestant pills or spray. I have tryed rinses and neti pots and the steriod spray flonase but none of them work. Has anyone else ever had this problem and did you find a soulution. I also only have one kidney so I really have to be careful about to much fluid retention because it may cause kidney failure. Thank you all so much and my prayers go out for all of you on your cancer journey!

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Alot of people are fighting sinus problems where I live. That would be Hampton, VA. Where you live will impact your sinuses more than anything. If you live somewhere out west you still need to get a back pack test to see what is causing your issues.

Wish you well with your trials.


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B.Mike: You have my sympathy. I suffered from nasal congestion all my working life and used what my doctor, at that early time, suggested was the mildest form of nasal decongestant -- 0.25% Neo-synephrine. I used it several times per day to be able to breathe. After I retired an ENT Specialist surgically corrected my deviated septum, assuming that would cure the congestion. It only helped. Then he prescribed Nasonex and insisted that I not use any other decongestent until the steroid began working. It did after several weeks and since then I use a puff of the Nasonex in each nostril once a day. On windy spring days when I work in the yard, I use two puffs per day. It has worked for me. No more Neo-synephrine. The key was that it took a while to recover from the addictive Neo-synephrine. That's my story. I hope it gives you some ideas. One last comment, the ENT Specialist told me that Neo-synephrine should be a prescription medication while Nasonex should be over-the-counter. The reverse is true. tpelle

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Congestion and flu like symptoms can also be a side effect of Flomax.  Have heard that a product called Breathe Right Nasal Strips helps relieve nasal congestion, especially at night. The nose strip doesn't look real pretty on your nose but hey, if it works, it's all natural, drug free & available OTC. Hope it helps. 

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Please see an ENT doc to r/o nasal septal deviation or polyps. Because of your BPH symptoms I'm afraid you can only try the steroid nasal spray. In order for the steroid spray to work you would need to use it religiously round the clock for several days until it kicks in.You might also try Allegra if the symptoms are allergy related.

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