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3 cm. right lower lung nodual

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Hello !
First off what's this inspire link about ? Is it seperate from this board or part of it ? I can't find it anywhere. I was in yesterday for results and decission making on the crap in the lung. I'm also a H/N (acc) survivor. They feel VATS in my case would be most beneficial in my case as we may be dealing with mets. But of coarse could be another primary, as I too have been a long term smoker. But won't know til after path. Katie

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Inspire.com is a separate site. I've taken a peek at it but never signed up, because it appears that they require you to accept occasional e-mail notifications from their sponsors. Anytime I see that, my answer is automatically "No way." I'm pretty much a nazi about never wanting to see anything in my mailbox that I didn't ask for.

My wife did join up recently, and she thinks she's seeing a lot of good info there. Not sure who's got the bigger user group or where you'll get the fastest responses.

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Thanks for the info. I also only want mail that I want...pretty private about this. Hopefully we can continue to answer and uplift each other with good sound advice on this board. I'll continue to post here, and update as I can. Again thanks ! Katie

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You can also look at lungevity. You don't have to sign up to read, but need to sign up to post. I've signed up. Longevity has some posts from oncologists at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle. (I am treated there.) Also my medical oncologist has a grant from lungevity.

The site is a little hard to use. You have to scan down the right column for the date of posting. Unlike this website, the latest posts do not appear first. Even if you decide to post. Your first post will not appear at the top of the column.

I find it no better or no worse than many patient-oriented sites. Take all info with a grain of salt, and check it out with your professional healthcare providers. Rick.

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Thanks Rick !
I probably will check out both sites just because I'm the curious type. I usually don't take advice lightly. I do alot of back ground investigating on if any and all info. is correct. I saw my Mom go through unnecessary treatments that robbed her of quality that she so craved. That has stuck with me. Thanks again Rick ! Katie

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