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Progress and a question on side effects

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O.K. So I was so excited over being able to taste I failed to remember to mention something that is important to me.
I first knew something was wrong with my body when the cancer expressed itself through my nipple. Being the ignorant male that I am, I let it go until the nipple started bleeding and wouldn't stop. It was at that point that my wife delivered the ultimatum that I go see a doctor. I had dealt with this bleeding for many months and into the chemo. Yesyerday was the 1st day in I don't know how long I have gone all day without a bandage. It healed! That is how I know the chemo is working. The tissue around it is nice and soft too. Too bad I'll lose it anyway. But that's the price we pay to exorcise this Beast.

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Awesome! So glad that the meds are doing their job :-). As Claudia says, "We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do." Hang in there!

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I forgot to ask the side effect question.
I have had a runny nose now ever since my last treatment 2 weeks ago tomorrow and along with it there is blood. Not a full on bloody nose but enough to make what does come out pink. Is this normal (not that any of this IS normal)? Has anyone else had this happen?
Next post I'll try and wait until I wake up a little more.

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I had a runny nose during chemo too and often had a slight nose bleed. I just chalked it up to having no nose hairs and more sensitive skin. Oh the joys of chemo :-)

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Yes your nose bleed is normal.. or at least I had it also.. unfortunately you traded the bloody nipple for a bloody nose, but the best news is that you know you are making strides to being cancer free!.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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That does sound like the chemo is working! Yippeee!!!

I had the runny nose too, I think it's pretty common. I also had super watery eyes, which just made the nose run more...chemo isn't fun, but it's doable. Best wishes on the next treatments.



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