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Peritioneal canciroma secondary to colon cancer.

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with colon cancer 3 months ago and the doctor said it already spread to peritoneal activity. I searched on the internet and the prognosis is very poor. I am very worried my boyfriend is only 30 and i want him to have a long healthy life. Can someone please share similar stories . Is this type of cancer curable? I have heard of HIPEC but not too many hospitals offer it and my boyfriend doesnt have insurance

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I have an excellent surgeon who went in and removed all visible cancer, along with my omentum and parts of my colon. I then had Intra Peritoneal chemo, directly into my belly through a specially placed port. I did not have HIPEC; I had EPIC (non-heated chemo into the belly, multiple cycles repeated every other week.) At the moment, I have been in full remission for 5 years from Stage IV Appendix Cancer, and expect to live a long life.

The problem is the lack of insurance; it will be hard to find treatment with no way to pay for it. He should contact his state insurance department or state health department to see what options are available to him.

So, no, peritoneal spread is not a death sentence. However, he does need treatment.

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I, too, have secondary peritoneal cancer that spread from my gallbladder cancer. I also have a met to the liver. I was turned down for the peritoneal stripping surgery and HIPEC procedure because of the additional met to the liver and I suppose my age (69). It is a difficult surgery. It is rarely done in Canada except if one has ovarian cancer with spread to the peritoneum. I know several people here who have peritoneum cancer (secondary) and who are on what they call maintenance chemo rather than having surgery as an option.

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Abrub - Can I ask who was your doctor?  I had colon cancer and they have now found a small spot in the peritoneal cavity.  I am wating to see what direction they will take.  THanks so much!

Great success for you!

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My colorectal surgeon there is Dr. Philip Paty, whom I love with all my heart!  (Well, actually, I saved a bit of my heart for my husband, but Dr. Paty is high up there!)  He knows how to deal with peritoneal mets, what to look for and what to do.


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