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OT - Update on my cataract surgery

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My cataract surgery on Monday went well. I did not feel a thing and came home and slept for 5 hours.
Went in this morning and the dr. took off the patch. He said it looked good. Still have to use drops and wear the patch when sleeping. I will not have to wear glasses, YEAH!, only for reading if the need is there.
A little funny from today....I went to brush my hair and reached up to take off my glasses which of course are not there....lol


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That is good news! I had cataract surgery, one eye at a time as I have uveitis. I don't need glasses to read anymore and since I am a reader, that is such a blessing.

Wishing you a good recovery,


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My eyes were done seperately 2 weeks apart last Feb. No patch at all, walked out of the hospital with just sunglasses on.

Can legally drive without glasses now but i have a pair of glasses with the now trifocals in as I'd rather just wear the glasses than to have to hunt for the reading glasses when needed.

One eye was totally pain free during surgery but the other wasn't at times. At times it was quite painful as shown by my BP jumping drastically during those times.

Glad your surgery went good.

Winyan - The Power Within


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for you also. After wearing glasses for so long, I still reach for them, smiling.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Yippeee!!! That is wonderful news!!! I hope the healing continues to go so well.



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Good for you w/o glasses! Hugs, Linda

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So glad that your cataract surgery was a success! Now, go out and see the WORLD --without
glasses, of course.

Vicki Sam

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