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2.5 to 2.9 cm adenocarcinoma right lower lobe single nodule

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Hello everyone –

I hate to join your group but darn looks like I am in.

Need all your help and input if possible.

50 year old male, good health, life time smoker that just quit, thanks to cancer.

My journey started with a sinus infection from hell lasted about six weeks moved down to my upper chest, ent doc said it was from nose polyps and really did not care much about my chest, family doc said I had bronchi infection, my wife was worried and made me a appoint at a lung doc, he ordered a x-ray and found a 2.5 cm nodule in my right lower lobe. He then did not care about my prior sickness and was more concerned about my newly discovered nodule, so off I went for a CAT scan and blood work, which confirmed I had a single 2.5 to 2.9 cm nodule in my right lung and that everything else looked normal. Next step was off for a fine needle aspiration biopsy and the dreaded result came back positive for moderately to poorly differentiated Adenocarcinoma.

Well the lung doc was positive and said this singe 2.5 to 2.9 cm adenocarcinoma nodule was operable and that I was lucky and sent me off to a surgeon.

Now I get to have a pet scan and I am being scheduled for a right lower lobe removal open surgery with in 2 weeks.

The surgeon said an open is better than a vats because the outcome is better with removing the nodule and not spreading the cancer into my blood stream. Also while they are in there he said he will remove some of my lymph nodes for testing.

Well bummer this is all happening pretty fast so far the lung doc and the surgeon says I am lucky and that this is very early stage, however need to wait for PET scan this week yet.

So if anyone has any experience or has had an open surgery right lower lobe removal please share your exp.

Thanks scared out of my mind

Here we go…………..!

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Im probably not much help. My father was dx with stage 3B in august and as of today he is NED (no evidence of disease) You might also want to join inspire.com it seems there is quicker response there, although I do love this site too. Good luck. Hope to see you over at inspire too!
Best wishes!

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Hello !
I'm sorry to hear this news ! I know what you mean about being scared outta your mind. It sounds like you have a good team in place for this, and will be quickly resolved ! Keep us updated....I usually hang out on the H/N board...but having lung issues too. Pretty much the same area as yours and same size. But mine is probable mets....won't know for awhile. Good luck ! Katie

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... and kudos to your worried wife. The erroneous guesswork by the medicos sounds all too familiar to me, except that I let mine go on for way too long (IIIB inoperable in April 2010).

Assuming your PET comes back negative, you're definitely onto this in time for a very good outcome.

Welcome to the club, and sorry you had to join!

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Sorry you had to find us. I too was a 35 year smoker until my 1st dx of anal cancer, in which I completed tx on 6-3-09. Next, since I was being scanned for follow ups, a 7mm lung nodule was found in my lower right lobe. It was re-scanned in 3 months and grew to 1cm, at this time it had to come out. I had the vats procedure, where they were able to biopsy the lung nodule right there in the OR before proceeding to remove the entire lobe. Well it was squamous cell without hpv. I had hpv in the anal cancer. Since there was no hpv in the lung nodule it was not a metastasis. I was back at work after a month. I just had a ct scan and show ned on 11-11-12. I don't have to be scanned again until 11-11-13.

The 1st surgeon I saw didn't do the vats procedure, and tried to convince me that the open was better. Just to be on the safe side I went to a surgeon that does the vats, and does about 40 a year for the last 6 years. I don't know if because of the size of the tumor your dr prefers the open, so it won't spread.

If you go ahead with the lung operation, make sure they test the tumor for all the mutations, as there are targeted drugs to treat certain tumor markers that are doing wonders for patients.

I wish you well, and keep us posted. Lori

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Sorry you got that news, but I'm also a new member to this group, but not to cancer in general unfortunately. In regards to the surgery specifically, I had two surgeries earlier this year (left and right lungs) and can help you with that if you haven't gotten there already at this time. The surgery itself is pretty invasive, even with robotics. I had a wedge resection on my left lung to remove one tumor, and a lobectomy and wedge resection on the other. Both involved about a week in the hospital, lots of pain meds (and pain to go with it) and a 9" and 14" scar across my back for a souvenir of the experience. Depending on what they do, you will lose a little bit of your lung capacity and they will start immediately on respiratory therapy in the hospital. Controlling your pain will also be a priority, as well as getting you up and moving as soon as possible.

Longer term, I've been having some problems with the scars and internally around the surgery area where I can't regulate my body temperature there enough and have huge chills. Heating pads and warm showers (not hot ones!) work for a time but I think some nerves were probably cut/damaged around the scar areas and it will be some time before these side effects go away.

Your oncologist/surgeon may also recommend going on chemotherapy as a bit of added insurance they got all your cancer cells after the surgery. As bad as that is (I'm on a 4-round cisplatin treatment), take the option! You want this thing beaten. I also know you've said you've stopped smoking, but it goes without saying that has to stay that way. I'm a life-long NON-smoker that got this (my type is the most common lung cancer among non-smokers, and it's actually a secondary cancer caused by radiation I had long ago).

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I have been off the site a while.  Hope everything went well. Looking for an update from you.



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hello everyone, I talked to my doctor about a c-scan for my chest cause I've been smoking for 47 years and I he checked my lungs and said no weezing and they sound clean, but I insisted on c-scan and got the results 2.5 cm mass upper right, two days ago did needle biobsy and still didnt hear anything, tuesady my doctor will let me know,although no symptoms I dont know what are chances it would be cancer,





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