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Chemo brain

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Sitting here watching news and NBC evening news is having a segment tonight regarding chemo brain...interested to see what it's about.

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my Dad called me to watch that. unfortunately the study was only with breast cancer, and they didn't even mention the type of chemo (which I assume isn't a chemo we typically get for H&N cancer).

looked up the story online, and same thing--breast cancer and no mention of what kind of chemo.
Scans Reveal Changes in the Brain After Cancer Treatment

anyway, can't say I noticed those symptoms from erbitux. but I was a bit muddled even before the cancer, so nothing new. ouch.

so anybody around here got 'chemo brain'?

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I only caught the tail end of the segment. But caught that it was speaking more of breast cancer. ... and they didn't mention any specific chemo.

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got 5FU along with a couple of other types of chemo, so some of the treatments are the same. I think chemo brain is chemo brain regardless of what type of chemo you get...it's all "controlled" heavy metal poisoning.

I was a little lucky in that my brain was already getting farts when I started just from age...I was at one time a great multi-tasker....now post-it notes are such a good friend to me, I'm thinking of buynig stock.


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unless you get a monoclonal antibody, which isn't heavy-metal poisoning.

I just wish cancer reports in the media would throw in a few specifics now and then. not all cancer is the same. not all chemo is the same. yeah, that's a bit of a pet peeve with me.

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Yep I agree. Media doesn't really care about specifics or their segment doesn't have the time to elaborate on specifics.

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I can remember what i did ten years ago, but not ten minutes ago. This is a real side effect, and it really screws me up on my job, as it gets real hard to have twelve huge irons in the fire and you cannot manage any of them effectively.


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I don't see why it would not affect all chemo patients.

I deal with severe loss of short term memory,confusion,dizziness,blurred vision and sometimes
loss of sight....

Had an episode today while driving and had no idea where I was going and became extremely disoriented.

Went immediately to the Doctor and she is scheduling me a visit with neurology for testing.

this never seems to end....... :o(

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sorry to hear about your episode--scary while driving!
I'm no doctor, but what you're describing doesn't sound like the chemo brain in the study. good idea to see the neurologist.

from the article at the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
Meta-Analysis of Cognitive Functioning in Breast Cancer Survivors Previously Treated With Standard-Dose Chemotherapy

Results indicate that, on average, observed cognitive deficits in patients with breast cancer previously treated with chemotherapy are small in magnitude and limited to the domains of verbal ability and visuospatial ability. This information can be used to inform interventions to educate patients with breast cancer regarding the long-term impact of chemotherapy on cognitive functioning."

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