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New list for drug warnings with grapefruit

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Don't know if anyone saw the report on ABC, but there's the link. Grapefruit has long since been mentioned in drug interactions and up until recently the list was relatively short.Arimidex and or it's generic isn't on the list, but I thought I would post it anyway.
I don't take statins, but those are a biggie for bad things happening with grapefruit.


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I can't remember which drug I was on but I found out long into it i was NOT to have grapefruit or juice. At that time I had been eating a grapefruit daily...I now check labels better..


thanks for info

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I was very emphatically told no grapefruit during my Education classes befor A/C and Taxol that grapefruit was a NO-NO! Not a prob,lemfor me - I hate grapefruit.

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I've heard this or read about it on here before. Thanks for posting this.

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Excellent information

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"If you have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, the last thing you’d want to take would be estrogen, and the last thing you’d want would be to take anything that increased the amount of estrogen in your body. With that in mind, and knowing that grapefruit increases the amount of estrogen in the body, it is probably wise for you not to consume grapefruit. According to Michael Thun, M.D., American Cancer Society (ACS) Vice President of Epidemiology and Surveillance Research, “women who have had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer or are concerned for other reasons could consider substituting other fruit until this issue is clarified.”

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