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Chemo brain is real and identified

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Ok someone needs to make this a link..Hint hint John


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not this john..... hint hint mr. fisherman


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must be the chemobrain.

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scientific basis, and I don't have to put up with the doubtful looks like "are you sure it's not just your age?" Yeah, it's my age PLUS the chemo...the part where they talk about other people making a list of things for the chemo patient to do for the day got me giggling. I'd have to give that task to a sympathetic person...hubby, I'm sure could come up with a long list to accomplish in a day...ha!


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I swear every trip I made to a store this week, I forgot something important! And by profession I am a project manager, I've made a career remembering things other people don't!

Going to make my list for the day!

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