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Trivial matter update

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It seems so trivial to post this , but I am anyway. There are so many brave ones out there battling for each day. I am so grateful to be in a position in my treatment to win my battle, I just wish I could transfer my chances at success to others who are needing it.
My triviality is that I just wanted to share that I am starting to taste again. My coffee this morning tastes like coffee and my peppermint mocha creamer is tasting SO good.
Sorry for being so trivial.

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NOT TRIVIAL at all!!

In this deal ANY good news is GREAT to hear! Im glad you can taste your coffee and glad to read something GOOD here

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wow...Happy for you..simple things in life we all take for granted..


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I remember when I first tasted something again that tasted "real". I was ecstatic!!!!! After 6 months of everything tasting like cardboard...what a thrill! Don't "trivialize" this! It's a major recovery step!

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Charlie -

Food is one of the great joys of life for many people, and those little rituals like morning coffee are lovely, comforting parts of our days.

Chemo steals these little joys away from many of us -- even though we know it's temporary, it's just one more thing that s*cks about cancer, like don't I have enough to deal with, and now I can't even taste my coffee?

When you get to have those little joys back again, it means life is a little bit more normal, and cancer isn't quite so much in charge of your life. In other words -- A CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION, not apologies!


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Joined: Nov 2012

It's only temporary I'm sure. I get my next treatment in another week and 2 days. I at least seem to be getting a respite from this last one.
At least I have been back at work for the last 2 days and that sure helps too. My next round I am going to try going to work when my bones are sore and it feels like I am walking on rocks, even if I have to hobble in. They said at my job I can sit all day if I have to, but it is comforting to them to know that my expertise is available when needed. It also makes me feel good that they feel I am that important to them. I run a plasma cutting machine, I have another guy there to help to do all the heavy work. They like me because I utilize the materials we cut from better than anyone they have ever known. I have saved them thousands in a few months time. The HR lady has been doing everything she can to make up my lost time too. When I talked to her today I almost cried in front of her because I am so grateful to these people. I just can't believe that there are people this nice in this world. God sent me there 8 months ago, he had to of, there's no other explanation.

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That is not at all trivial to me--that is just awesome news!!! Yay! Of course, I am from New Orleans where food is all anyone talks about ;-).

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