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Thorasic specialist today

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Hello everyone,
Well I think I'm all ready for this appointment today. Took my own advice that I continually pass along on writing everything down. (reinforced by a good person on board here also) I put it into words for my new doctor so they understand where I'm coming from and where I intend to go on my coarse of disease. I usually ask the nurse to have the dr. read this before they enter the room for my appointment. It works well....they know me better. I sometimes wonder (because of the volume of patients in a days time) if they even get a second or two to actually read the charts. I know they have the logistics but I want them to know the person. I'm going in with a positive and yet realistic attitude. Asking for positive thoughts and all prayers are welcome today ! Will be thinking of all my fellow warriors today...and know you have my back. Thanks everyone ! Katie

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Katie, you know that I will definetelly pray for you today! I really wish that everything turns right and that you can relax then! You sure DO need a break after all this and enjoy upcoming Christmas holidays.

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Katie, you have my prayers and all my positive thoughts. This battle is not easy...no one knows it more than you who fight it. You are very strong , I can tell from your posts , and that strength and determination is your best friend. Please know I am thinking of you and hoping for the best.


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Katie I am thinking of you today and praying that the new doctor gives you the information you need to fight the beast. You are so inspiring in your determination to fight.

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and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for this day. You're right about the information that the Dr.'s have...the easy info (stats, logistics, numbers), but knowing the person they are treating to complete the picture is also so important. Once they get a feel for your kick-a** personality, the Dr. will know he's got a partner work with, not just a number to "work on"....

Let us know how things went today....


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You and I are on the same road. Of course, I wish neither of us are on it. I'll put my stuff in its own thread rather than hijacking yours. Rick.

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