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reconstruction pain

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I had a double mastectomy with expanders on 10/28/11. Expansions were stopped during my rads from Jan 2012-March 2012. After some setbacks with a brain met I finally had the implants put in on 8/30/12. Over the last few months i have been having discomfort around my ribs just under the implants, and in the muscles around the middle of my back. It seems to be the same on both sides. I had the same back pain,even worse while the expanders were in.

When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and no choice but to lye in bed in went away completely. Plus I have had PET, CAT and bone scans and chest x-rays that all look good. I am just wondering how long does the discomfort from the reconstruction last? And since I am totally paranoid about every little ache or pain--what do rib mets feel like?

I am going to see the doc on Wed to get results from latest issue with the brain met--Please pray for NED!!


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NO advice just wanted to say thinking of you. I had a lumpectomy (NOT sure if can even get reconstruction for that)!

I hope you feel better soon..


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Praying for NED!

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