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Is taxol really necessary?

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I have high grade stage 3 breast cancer that had one lymph node which was cancerous. I've had 3 doses of chemo. Chemo sucks and I don't like the side effects. Thinking of not doing the taxol. They want me to have a dose once a week for 12 weeks, then radiation. How long do they make you wait prior to radiation. I don't think I want to do taxol, tired of the side effects.

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I did everything recommended by my oncologist/surgeon/radiation oncologist--surgery, 6 rounds of TAC, 33 rads. I believe in fighting this beast with all that is available and recommended by my professionals. Most of the side effects are temporary AND there are many remedies available now to help get through it as painlessly as possible.

It is definitely your decision, but please think carefully.

Hugs, Renee

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Bottom line it is your choice, but like others, I recommend doing what the med people suggest. I was IIIA, one lymphnode affected on the left; the right side was hardly cancerous.

I did the ACT regimen. I had taxol (T) the last four rounds, which were every other week. I had some side effects, but I was able to work through them. I did radiation as well. That started about 3 weeks after I finished chemo. That was daily (M-F) for 33 times, the final 5 being a bit more potent.

I guess one big reason I go with what the DRs say and encourage others to do the same is because I had a cousin (younger than I) who was more into natural healing. Chiropractors, naturalists, etc. were where she would go for health issues. (All four of her children were born at home.) My cousin developed breast cancer. It wasn't until it was too late (had spread to her brain within a year) that she was ready to see a regular medical doctor. She died a week after she said she would do that. I am not against natural products and such, but I prefer to use them in conjunction with regular medicine, as I think the two can work well together.

Know that many here have been where you are. Many here have felt the way you do.

Just look at the big picture and realize that this you are enduring right now is for a short period of time. You will eventually be on the other side of it all. I had surgery (double) the last part of February. I did chemo from early April through mid-July. I did radiation from the first part of August to the end of September. It is sometimes kind of weird to think I am now on the other side of where I was early last year.

Hang in there!

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I too am starting Taxol this Thursday and after finishing 4 rounds of AC,3 months of worrying about side effects, I am very tired and scared. I thought about quitting also and appreciate your sharing that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I have great family support but it is very scary knowing what is ahead for the next 12 weeks. I do not want to be in zombie state for that long. While you are in 'chemo' mode the days are long and hard to see the end. I will also have radiation which takes me into next March, at my age-65 it seems like a very long time.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I developed neuropathy from taxol and had the option to stop. I was horribly sick from chemo , lost massive amounts of weight needed bum surgery, but in the end I finished it. One because am too stubbor and tow because I needed to feel I had done everything. You may ask your docs what the stats are with or without.

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I never had taxol, or, any chemo as that wasn't in my treatment plan. I did have rads and they are doable, exhausting, but, I know you can do it. As for the chemo, you do what you feel you want to do and what is best for you. You are the only one that can make this decision.

I wish you good luck in what you choose to do.

Hugs, Noel

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We are each so unique - You have to decide what YOU want to do.

I can only speak for myself being IBC - there is NO way that I would not have done everything offered to me. I was fighting for my life and even at 63 at DX I intended to live as long as I could. How could I have faced Hubby (of, at that time, 33 ytrs), or Son or G-daughter, IF I didn't do all I could to stay here with them?

My time line - 17 days after DX'd started neo-adjuvant A/C, 2 weeks aftter last A/C had mod rad mast, 3 weeks later started 12 weekly Taxol, a week after last Taxol started 25 rads. A week after starting rads, started Femara /letrozole.

We are all so different - for me A/C was basically easy - Taxol wasn't - so different for others.

Winyan - The Power Within


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I don't know if it is necessary or not, as, I am not an oncologist, and, don't know your health history. Just wishing you well and good luck with your decision to take it or not.

Hugs, Jan

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I have had 2 treatments of T/C and now 2 of herceptin on alternate weeks. Mine is every 3 weeks for the T/C thank goodness. I feel for you. I can't even imagine having it every week. My feet feel like I am walking on rocks half the time and I get shin splint like pain in my legs and I can't taste a thing. Being a man the hair loss isn't quite as bad but I have my own issues with that. Please hang in there with it, the stuff works for me and I know it. I had/have stage 4 because it came through my nipple and was an open wound/sore. After 2 treatments it has healed and I don't have to wear a bandage anymore. I am going to go the distance because I KNOW it works. Please trust your medical team and try, try , try, to tough it out. I'll pray for you!

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Taxol was soooo much easier than AC. I had 4 months of weekly taxol. My hair started growing back while I was on Taxol. I was so happy! For me radiation began about a month after my chemo ended. Maybe you could just take a break and go back at it again? Talk to your doctor, it is hard to keep our heads in the game but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Marianne

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For me - on A/C, I lost 'head hair' and when I started looking like the end stage of the picture of Dorian Grey, we had a head shaving party at the barn. Son used the horse clippers on me first then he and our other 'Sons" (young men who call Hubby and me 'Dad and Mom) all used the clippers on each other. (Hubby has been very 'hair challenged' for many years so he keeps his basically clipped all th time anyway.) On A/C other body hair only thinned - kept 1/2 of lashes and brows. On Taxol ALL remaining hair on body left.

Winyan - The Power Within


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