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2 years NED!!!!

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I have not been on this board for a little while. I still get my PET scan every 6 months and see my surgeon every 4 months for follow up. My last PET scan has been CLEAN!! NED!! It has been 2 years. I still get so nervous before the scan and think I feel something here or there. The mind is a powerful thing. I have changed my life and work now part time enjoying my now 4 year old son. I eat no processed foods, only organic fruits and vegetables, have a waterfilter in my house that filters all of our kitchen water, eat limited sugar (though still love my glass of wine on occassion), see my acupuncturist and herbalist for supplements, drink my shake in the morning to keep me regular (jogurt, flax seeds, berries, protein/mushroom supplement). Next on the list is the juicer and strength training. I have no side effects from the treatment. I feel blessed and want to send this message to all of you have are now going through the treatment. This site has helped me so much during and after treatment. And still now I think of all of you often.

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2 years NED is a very important milestone! I'm so very happy for you and I hope you'll have NED in your life forever!

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I hope to hear the same good news on Dec 5th. My tx ended Dec 8, 2010.

Enjoy the holiday season and keep up the good work.

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Congrats on being 2 years NED! Great news!


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So happy for you! What an important milestone. Wishing you continued NED reports! Congratulations! Celebrate doing something that you really enjoy!

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