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Must be the season for gift's

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Last week I found out the beast is back at my door stop, it's not as bad as the first time but its there.Had B.O.T and lung cancer at stage four.Rad/chemo one year and two months has passed with clean P.E.P scans and now the scan shows activity on anterior tongue at 2cm
and a value of 2.6.Yesterday M.R.I have not got results back--tomorrow is the day I will find out the method of treatment with a oral surgon. A little to soon for radation so cutting the lesion out is being thought or Laser which is prefered on my part.This is not a very good Christmas present, I'mm 78 and I will be dammed if throw in the towel.

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You are a local hero, you know. I'm hoping for an easy solution for you this time.


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You sound like a natural fighter good for you ! Your right, not a real good time of year to receive this kind of news. Will be thinking of you ! Katie

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Sorry about the news but definitely don;t throw in the towel. Hang in there. Wishing and praying for the best for you


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It's obvious cancer picked the wrong person to mess with. I'm praying that they have the easiest form of treatment for you. Please keep us posted as to what the doctors decide.

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Sounds like they caught it early, good luck kicking butt!!



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Hang in there, hopefully it's been caught in time to just allow surgery (or laser), and observations after...


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Pam M
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Sorry you're in the mix again.

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snap that towel and get rid of the spot, hanging on and using the towel is the way to go.

great attitude

i had a small spot on tongue years post treatment, the cut the spot off and has not showed it's ugly face in almost 4 years


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