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Double mastectomy

Diane G
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Ii am 65 and having a double mastectomy tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow and after for recovery. Also what are the two shots I need in easy breast so he can find the limp nodes? Thank you anyone who has gone thru this. I need to calm down.

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Hi Diane, from an another Diane

I am also just begining this terrifiying journey, and about your age, Im 62.

The thing for the node I think you are talking about is a dye injection to find what is called the sentinel node. This node will determine if the cancer has spread to the nodes and the nodes must be removed as well.

I am having this done Sunday, before my lumpectomy surgery the next day, Monday.

I am terrified of it all, and have been trying to get others thoughts on both the whole process, and the dye injection specifially. Some seem to think its very painful, while others say its not too bad.

I just called my surgeon today, and he assured me they wil give me some numbing for this procedure.

All the very best to you in this horrific time of our lives. My heart goes out to you,

Diane (too)

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I am new here. I documented my experiences with bilateral breast mastectmy and reconstruction. I am looking for a quick way or a link so I can share my learning.

I got breast cancer 3 years ago. Yes, I was sad, worry, scared and cried, then I learned about the breast cancer information, options as much as I could. Now, it is all done.

I will be happy to send my shared learning to you if you send me your email address. Or wait for me to load my document. May be in a week or two.


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Well thinking you have had operation now. Hope everything went well. Afraid the sentinel node injections were very painful for me on impact then fine when immediately when done. Infact I think that was the most painful events apart from a lot of pain where the drains entered my body, very sore. Hope you taking care of yourself and resting now.

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Hi Diane i have just gone through what you are about to, its been 8 wks, for me the sentiel node test was like having hot lava shot into your breast, but as fast it came it went, it ok to scream out, i did and they were proud of my letting it out, had no choice!!
Surgery was hard for me, cancer in left side and was large, chose to remove the other and it has healed nicely, can't say that for the left but it is resolving, there is nothing easy or simple about this. I haven't really wrapped my brain around having a mass much all the other, but my outlook is good, just on Arimidex for now, nodes were clean, oh and im 58 with diabetes, which is making healing harder, but your journey may be different, this site is a wonderful place to ask questions and just be heard when you hurt, depressed or angry. Brave and courageous womena and men here, good luck to you and will say a prayer for you and your family. Hang tight

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Just want you to know we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. I was diagnosed with BC last Feb., just one year after treatment for anal cancer. I had surgery, chemo, and radiation for the AC. My breast cancer required a mastectomy and I opted to have a double. I think at the time I was just sort of running on auto pilot. There was so much info to absorb and my mind was kind of like jello. I was in the hospital two days, but could have come home after one.I did have drains in (tubes to catch fluid build-up) and tho in the way, they were not painful. Plan to dress in loose, soft, comfy tops for a short while while you heal, and NO heavy lifting or stretching too far for at least several days. I slept on my back with lots of pillows around me. In my case, I started feeling pretty good after about a week or two, still tired, but was surprised at how quickly I healed. This is not always the case after surgery, but will pray it will be for you also. Just plan to take things slow and one day at a time, and don't overdue anything too soon. The people here will help with lots of information as you recover but more importantly be a true strong place to come for emotional support. Our docs know the ins and outs from a medical standpoint, but few have been down this road themselves. You will find a strength you never knew you had, it will be there when you need it. Again, you will be in my prayers.

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You'll do fine. I had a bi-lateral (what you are having) last December, after a lumpectomy came back with micro-met in my sentinel node. Of course, I am an "old hat" to surgery, but go in with a GREAT attitude and STAY that way. The shot you are referring to I THINK is the nuclear tab they insert so they can locate the node. A non issue. Attitude is SOOOOO important when these things come up, you just HAVE to stay strong...get angry, get in business mode, get silly, do whatever you have to do... If you are completely freaked, ask you doc for some anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds and I MEAN THAT!!!!! Doctors are very happy to provide these, but you have to ASK!!!!! No reason to be all freaked out through everything. You'll heal fine. I was amazed at how quickly I was back on my feet. Good luck and keep us informed!

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Everyone is different. I had one, and got the reconstruction 18 mos ago. I am very active and stress to keep moving. No lifting!! You might consider a neck cushion, that helped me towards the end. we are stronger than we know.
Sending you courage,

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