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First transfusion today

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The nurse came in early this morning and told us David would probably have a transfusion today. His platelets are now 12 and his hemoglobin is 6.9. I have heard this should.do a lot for him. It also appears his system is becoming very acidic. I don't know what they will do about that. I am really hoping we still get to meet with the hematologist this morning. I will go down and check around 8. I want to thank everyone for your support and prayers. I am able to get out of the hospital about tow hours a day. I drive 20 min home feed the cats, take a shower and come back. David doesn't want to be by himself and it is just his mother and I who stay with him. I did take a nap yesterday while he was sleeping and that was nice. I was getting very exhausted.

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...but he is going to feel so much better with this transfusion. I can't remember how low my hemoglobin got, but I do remember my platlets getting down to 9 (it's the lack of hemoglobin tho, that makes him so very tired). Everytime I had one it perked me up immensely. I don't think it will interfere with his hemotologist's appointment...they'll probably work around the tranfusion. I hope that you try to catch a nap everytime he goes to sleep.

Sending prayers that this will be a ticket for him feeling a little better.


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That this transfusion puts David back on the feel good track. I doubt this procedure will interfere with meeting with the hematologist, hopefully not anyway. Glad you got a little nap yesterday, try to do that again today. You both continue to be in my prayers.

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Pam M
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Hope he got the transfusion today, and that you snuck in another rest.

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I am sorry and prayers be with you and your husband for remission. I missed your previous post. Are you able to stay in your husbnads room? Where I was treated they had cots for the spouses, not the most comfortable thing in the world but at least my wife was with me.
I hope the transfusion works and helps him get a little more energy.
Again wishes and prayers for remission and for the rest you need to stay strong for David

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