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First BCC - Mohs Surgery

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Hi. I am 49 and just got diagnosed with my first BCC. It is on my forehead right in the middle, about 1 inch below my hairline. I am scheduled for Mohs surgery on Dec. 5 and hadn't been that worried about it until I started looking into it and saw some pretty horrific images on the internet. I caught it early, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar Mohs done and what am I in for. The doctor acted like it was no big deal - said I might have to go to a plastic surgeon after, but he doubted it. But that I will have a scar. Right now I have a little divit where they did the biopsy and I just don't know how much worse it will be, what the recovery is like, etc. Then, a friend of mine who is a nurse said I should get it lasered and not do the Mohs, so now I don't know what to think.

This is my first cancer, so it is sort of freaking me out. I know in the scheme of things I am very lucky and it is probably no big deal, but if anyone can give me some more info or let me know what to expect. Thanks. Liz

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Although I am sure your friend who is a nurse means well, unless she works for a dermatologist and with skin cancer patients every day, I would not listen to her. If you want a second opinion go to another dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer.

I just had a Moh's surgery for a basal cell (also dead center in my forehead) that was wrapped around a nerve and am having radiation treatment as a follow up. My Moh'surgeon requested that a plastic surgeon close the wound created by the surgery.
I would ask your Moh's doctor if you can have it closed by a plastic surgeon. The result will probably be much better. Then find a plastic surgeon who has done stitches after the Moh's.
My scar cannot heal because of the radiation, but I can tell you that the plastic surgeon did an amazing job and I do not think the scar will be bad.

Also, ask the Moh's doc if they are giving you pain meds or just numbing your forehead for the surgery. I was surprized to find out that I was only having my forehead numbed. They had a lot of trouble getting it numb and I would have been much better off to have had something for pain proactively.

Hope this helps and let me know how you are, you will get through this!

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