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Nuelasta side effects

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I am undergoing chemo, with my 4th treatment set for tomorrow. I already had the lump removed, lymph negative stage 1 grade III and triple negative. My treatment is 4 rounds of AC with a nuelasta shot the next day, followed by four treatments of taxol. Dose dense once every two weeks for 16 weeks. I am currently experiencing a bubble like pop sound in my left upper abdomen, sounds like fluid but follows my heartbeat. I can't hear or feel it all the time only when I lay down and lean more on my left side. I also have a slight pain in my left upper abdomen and in my back in the same area along with a slight pain in my left shoulder. On Tuesday I had a port cath put in and I had slight high levels of potassium in my urine. I called today and the dr on call called me back. She told me it sounded like I had fluid in my lungs and try deep breathing to cough it out. I was pretty upset with this. She sounded like she was blowing me off. I felt like she didn't take me seriously or didn't think it was important like because I have an appointment tomorrow for chemo and my dr and labs I could just wait til then. I read that an enlarged spleen is a serious less common side effect of nuelasta. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced this?

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I have had the side effect of the pain to the upper left side of abdomen as you have had. I have not had the pain to the shoulder blade. My paperwork on nuelasta says that it is a side effect. The paperwork from Nuelasta says to call your doctor right away if you have pain to your upper left stomache area or left shoulder tip pain because it can become an enlarged spleen. good luck.

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