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PinkKari .. Hootie Girl -- Has anyone hear from our beloved Sisters in PINK?

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Both Sisters have been on my mind -- Prayers, hope, and positive thoughts going
out to both Sisters.

Ladies, please check in when you can...

Vicki Sam

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I've been thinking about them also. I hope they enjoyed Thanksgiving with their love ones and are busy.

We do want to hear from them.


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I got my ornament from Kari - a beautiful silver cross with several charms attached and a little bottle of 'Santa' dust. A nice note wishing me a Happy Holiday time - but no other news. Such a sweetheart, taking part in the ornament exchange and lucky me to have received such special gifts from her. ... always to treasure.
My prayers and love are with her and her family

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Yes, my heart is heavy without their voices. Praying they are busy and doing well.

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Thanksgiving was wonderful, my daughter and I put the feast on at her house. The holidays are still hard on me since my Mom left us 5 years ago, but I manage by keeping her in my heart. I'm so terrible with getting updates on here, and I have no excuse, I have my RN out on Tuesdays, and then PCT's as needed up to 10 hours a week. They run my errands, groceries, anything I need, they bring me all my meds so I don't hassle with that anymore, which is really nice. I'm still mobile and can get out a little bit by myself, not very often, my meds are pretty strong and I don't drive unless I haven't needed them (my prns). My pain has been under pretty good control, and I'm blessed to have so many people pulling for me. I'll get back on here, just wanted to let you all know I'm ok, and Kat has an update on here too, she really needs us, so lets pray for her, if you aren't already, I know you all have it handled, you pinks ROCK.
MIles of Love,

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Jean 0609
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Thanks for checking in with us. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. You are always in our thoughts & prayers.

Sounds like Jenny really loved the ornaments that you sent her.


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Christmas Girl
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Each & every time I log in here, I scroll for your posts. Am glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving - not surprised your amazing-just-like-you daughter co-hosted. :-)

Know that you're always held closely within my most heartfelt prayers.

Miles of love backatcha, all the way from the Great Lakes Region.

Susan xo

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