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Food as medicine/ Juicing? has anyone tried this?

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I'm new to this disease, this is day seven finding out I have Endometrioid Adencarcinoma stage 2, my first Gyn oncology appt. is this Friday.
I have spent seven terrifying days on line. My fridge is stocked with juicing veg's to get started on feeding my "cells". I know it can't hurt but just wondering if anyone out there has done this with a doctors suggestion or am I just freaking out and grasping at straws?
This morning I woke up in a cold sweat panic. Scared beyond belief. I can hardly type through the tears.

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I so can relate to your fear. When I was first diagnosed I paced the floor night after night. It got better with time. Each day I would wake up and think "Well, I am alive today, maybe not tomorrow, but I am going to make today count".
Each of us finds a way to fight through the fear. Some of us pray (which works well for me), change diets, exercise, meditate, etc.
My personal take on all of this is that fear comes from not knowing. It made sense to me to find out all I can and that helped a lot. Each step of surgery, chemo, radiation was a milestone in it's own way.
As for dietary help there have been many posts on this site about diet and its relation to helping us to fight cancer. A lot of the ladies have some pretty specific suggestions.
By the way I did the the same as you by going on line a lot in the beginning. It scared me a lot. Remember statistics are old ones. We are the statistics of tomorrow and we are still alive.

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Norma you are so wise in your response and target to how I think today. Fear of the unknown is so unsettling and we flip all over trying to find our spot of comfort. I gave the unknown up to God (even if I'm not a very religious person), but figured it was out of my hands to handle at the moment.

At the beginning of my journey I chose to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. So, so much out there to worry about, but when I sat down and started reading some books which many have suggested, then added advice on eating and supplements,,,,each step was gaining me control.

We have NO control over the cancer movement, but we can and do have control of our minds. Our minds can bring us down or pull us thru the tough times....our choice!!

Take some quiet time and think what helps calm you down, as with me giving up to God and letting go. Then start the journey forward slowly...step by step.

Few good books many suggest to start (which I did as well) --

. Anti cancer, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD
. Foods to Fight Cancer, Richard Beliveau, PhD

At beginning these were pretty much my bibles..reading daily until I change my eating and ways of keeping my body strong to fight the disease. In the end, we're all different and our bodies deal with the cancer differently, so if one suggests eating or drinking lots of smoothies, might not be YOU. Find what works for you!!

Bottomline, try to think of your body like a car, if we put junk in it, it'll simply putt down the road and stop...same with our bodies. Get back to nature and avoid preservative type foods and especially any junk food.

It has taken me 3.5 years to change and I'm still working on the process.

Best to you and plse come back here for support, as we do care!!

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i felt the same way a few days ago and did some investigating. Here is what i found

I have taken some time to review the posts on line regarding foods to eat and learned a lot. what i found were two good books to get and then i researched them on line and found some good reviews on two others.
these are them:
from the previous posts:
foods to fight cancer essential foods to prevent cancer by Richard Belveau - Amazon 13.15
Anti Cancer - a new way of life -David Servan Schreiber - 17.29 Amazon

books i found with great reviews that sounded interesting:
beating cancer with nutrition Patrick Quillin - 16.47 Amazon
Cancer Fighting Kitchen - Nourishing Big Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment & recovery by rebeccca Katz Amazon - 19.98

What i also took as notes from past posts, and Ladies your posts were wonderful please correct me or adding to it would be great -
no sugar, includes artificial stuff
no meat
no dairy due to hormones and additive, greek yogurt without sugar or artificial sweeteners is ok
no coffee
drink green tea
NO processed foods - ie processed pastries, frozen dinners, many breads unless whole gran, minimal sugar, same for crackers. i found a great one at sams total whole grain, nothing artifical and NO sugar -Crunchmaster Multigrain crackers
be careful with soy until you know cancer relationship to estrogen and progesterone
fruits and vegetables - but learn how to balance acidic and alkaline ones, not sure this yet until i get the books
be careful of getting fruit and vegtables that are on the dirty dozen list - how they have pesticides. learned apples on the top. for those on this list get organic
nuts are good
ginger appears to be an up and coming item. use it in the raw form. i started putting it on my oatmeal like i saw in one post, was good
fresh spices will be great Turmeric curcimin (sp?) looks promising
fresh lemons has a lot of research around to starve off cancer cells
saw a number of ladies working with a cancer nutritionist. i put that on my list to find one
Role of vitamin D is important
i plan probably to order these books and transition myself to what i have read through previous posts
i decided my first step was starting today
replace coffee with black tea
drink filtered water with fresh lemon - (have a net zero water cooler, they now have portable filters, )
drink green tea 3 times a day -
eliminate dairy (milk/cream/cheese) keep to the Greek nonfat plain yogurt
no meat - not a big one for me as i really don't like it
apples will only be organic
salad immediately moved to organic and triple washed
got a variety of nuts - cashews, almonds, walnuts
expanded my safe fruits ( i believe) until i get the books- mango, avacado, kiwi, oranges and grapefuit

hope this helps. what i found comforting was to review the information there, summarize it and start a plan to move into a more healthy situation until i get the book

if it helps i also woke up this morning in tears just as scared. i tried to calm my self down by taking one step today and that was my first dietary changes above. the coffee one will be sad but in the long term worth it

what do you plan on doing today for yourself? how is the weather where you are at? Have you worn our new jeans yet? love to hear about that
HybridSpirits (aka sharon)

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There is a lot of controversy regarding diet. Much of the information upon which the diets are based is outdated. My naturopath treats a variety of cancers. Many of her patients are gynecological cancer patients. She recommends each patient's diet based on their particular imbalances, but primarily the diets are some form of the Paleo diet. This flies in the face of some diet recommendations, which tell us that meat is unhealthy. That is only partially true. Commercially raised meats contain hormones, antibiotics, and too many Omega6s (from being fattened on corn), which leads to inflammation, which promotes cancer growth. Healthy meats, however, those that are grass fed AND grass finished, pasture fed (rather than free range), wild caught or wild game, provides our bodies with necessary nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and protein. Modern day grains, which are the source of protein in vegetarian diets, are altered due to the use of herbicides, which increase the lectin content and preferential selection for more gluten content. Gluten and lectins are damaging to our bodies. Paleo excludes eating grains and beans, which are both high in carbs, which convert to sugar, which feeds cancer. This is NOT to say that the primary food source in a Paleo diet consists of meats. The primary food is vegetables. Ideally, 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of cruciferous, and 3 cups of colored veggies daily. The other components are low sugar fruits, like berries, which are also high in antioxidants, and nuts.
My naturpath has a number of patients who started this diet and their CA-125 dropped within a couple of weeks. She is a 21 year stage IV ovarian cancer survivor, who tests things on herself. She never had surgery or chemo, so managed to cause the cancer to retreat by diet and lifestyle alone. She has tried every diet known to man, including vegan and vegetarian, and her CA-125 is lower than it has ever been when she eats a Paleo diet. Juicing of vegetables concentrates the sugars, which can actually feed the cancer. Making green smoothies is a far better way to consume the nutrients which veggies afford us. When eating raw greens, however, even in smoothies, they should be soaked in some form of acid for 15 minutes prior to consumption (lemon juice or vinegar) to release the oxalic acid, which if not released will interfere with absorbsion of nutrients.
This video pertains to MS, not cancer, but the message is universal.

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10 days ago I had an abdominal hysterectomy with tubes and ovaries removed, as well as a tumor on the bladder, and malignant lymph nodes. Recuperation from the surgery is going very well, and that has been my focus.
Before starting chemo I am exploring the range of diets recommended. The difference between the vegetarian vs Paleo approach is confusing. I'll need to do more research.
Thanks for letting me share.

Sisters three
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I am so glad your doing well after your surgery and thank you for sharing! If it wasn't for all these positive ladies giving me support I would be climbing the walls half crazy. Sorry your having to go through all this. I also am still looking at all the suggested diets. Nothing is in stone for me. Gosh I am just
11 days in to this crazy disease.

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how was your day? I was thinking of you.

Sisters three
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A mother is losing a child right now. I'm fine. Thank you all for your comments, Nempark has all my concern and wishful hugs.

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Nemparks daughters journey totally took over all of my emotions. losing someone you love is tough especially if its your kid!

I'm doing better. I thank all of you for your wonderful insight and experiences. I am juicing and reading positive things instead of negative. YES I have worn the jeans and I look fabulous in them! My husband and I are fighting back and forth due to him wanting to put his health on hold for mine. We just
Had our 32 anniversary yesterday I will win! He will have his surgery in the next few weeks while I will still go to my appts. and do what ever the Doc says. It's all good!

Of course I just had a glass of wine, so all looks Merlo rosy!!!!!


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Thought of the day, don't drink your coffee your not allowed caffeine! It is okay to put your coffee up your butt in an enema in fact the Gersons diet encourages it, Now I also read no more wine, alcohol is a big no no, I wonder if they want that up the rear too? Snicker snicker

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I drink green juices every day.
Unfortunately, I did not try before I had chemo.

My father, 82, was diagnosed with colon cancer.
We put him on a juice regimen, 14 juices a day, for 3 months before surgery.
We got the juice therapy from a naturopath doctor in NY
He had surgery last Tuesday and went home today.
He is strong and recovering fast, according to his doctor current doctor.

If I were you, I will start drinking juices ASAP.
Google "Gerson Therapy", so you can read more about juicing.

We all know how you feel right now, and we are here to support you.
Pray, eat well and exercise as much as you can.
You are strong and will do what it takes to defeat this disease.

You will be in my prayers.

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I have been doing juicing with the Gerson Suggested veg and fruits. I actually did my first coffee enema today. My sisters are flabbergasted that I am expecting the worst diagnosis after surgery and even more concerned with doing the enemas. I am going to do one a day and see how that goes. What I won't do is stop proteins totally. I am still deciding what "my version " of the diet will be.

I hope your father does well, I have an 80 year old father who lives by himself on a farm who my sisters and I take turns going to help. He has had prostate cancer but seems to be recovered. I hope your Dad BEATS this too!!!!

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