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Confused about cancer scanning

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I am due for colon cancer screening next month. My urologist recommended CT Colonography, Because of my age 81 and the fact that I had radiotherapy for prostate cancer earlier on this year, and also because it is much cheaper than colonoscopy. (I have no insurance or healthcare) However I have diverticulosis and I have come to understand that I should not have CT Colon if I have diverticulosis. (My urologist does not know I have this problem). I suppose I will have to let the specialist that I will be seeing advise me of the best procedure. Any ideas?

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I checked the internet and there seems to be conflicting info regarding best choice of diagnostic tool for those with diverticulosis. Some say to avoid CT and some say to avoid colonoscopy.

Is testing being recommended strictly as a precautionary measure?

Your specialist should have the best recommendation for you given your personal health and issues.

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Both my younger brothers had colon cancer. The youngest died because the cancer had spread. The younger one died due to a blood clot after an operation to remove his colon cancer. His doctor suggested I should be screened for colon cancer. Also I believe that screening should also be done for those who have had radiotherapy for prostate cancer.

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