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Stiffness & Tightness & Pulling Sensation - Post Surgery

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Dear Forum Members,

My dad was operated about two years back for head & neck cancer with radical neck dissection. He has been having consistent stiffness & pulling in the right side of the neck as there was reconstruction done of the muscles. I want to know if any other members or their family members are suffering from the same>

Also any solutions to the pain would also be beneficial.
We have tried everything from Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and other alternative treatments.

Your Help would be much appreciated.

Kent Cass
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Is he on medication for the problem? If not, then perhaps a muscle relaxer would help. I recently went to my Dr with my neck spasm issue, and that was talked about. He did also say that applying warmth to the area might be beneficial.


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Pam M
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I, too, find that stretching, especially in a sauna, just feels good. I've never had any treatment for the stiffness and reduced mobility (maybe this contributes to my continued issues). Luckily for me, I normally don't have pain, just discomfort. When I think of it, I try to do head rolls and neck "stretching". Since I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know if I'm on the right track. My dissection was about two years ago, as well.

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From what you say about your dad, it sounds to me like he is developing fibrosis in the neck. Between scar tissue formation and radiation, it can cause neck problems long after the operation or radiation. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to meet with a therapist and learn how to do neck exercises. It sounds like Pam is on the right track. I have let the condition worsen in my neck to the point that I am going through some very painful procedures to break up the fibrosis. If he does nothing, I assure you, it will get worse. The exercises are simple and should be done a few times a day every day. Good luck.

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will cure the issue almost immediately. Find an exercise video that has some stretching and spinal twists as well as a relaxation sequence that focuses on head and neck. Do it twice per week and it should start to go away rather quickly. Exercise is key. I find that my stiffness issues return if I neglect my yoga practice and I look good in yoga pants anyway.

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