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Cancer Back

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It has been almost six years since I was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer. I thought I was cancer free until I had my esophagus stretched about two weeks ago and my doctor saw some tissue that did not look right and had a biopsy done. It is now confirmed my cancer has returned. I had just been checked three months prior to this and she did not see this. This is devastating news to me since once reaching the five year cured mark I felt good about it not returning. I do not plan to do anything about it this time but I have agreed to have a PET scan, a CAT scan and meet with a surgeon to see just what options I have. I was fifty seven when I was first diagnosed and am sixty four now. I just don't have any fight left in me. Those of you who have fought a second battle with throat cancer please tell me what you did. My lymph nodes trapped the cancer before but in my studies the cancer I have goes to the lungs next.

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so sorry to hear your news--the devastation is understandable.
we hope after the shock has dissipated a little, you will find strength and consider the medical options presented to you.

and please...I don't know what kind of studies you have done, but please don't overvalue statistics. it hasn't traveled to the lungs until the incontrovertible evidence is in.
sometimes, too much study isn't a good thing.

Kent Cass
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I 2nd the words written by blackswampboy. Please don't get into a negative rut. Reckon it is understandable when one is first told it's back.

Four years ago this month I noticed the enlarged nodes in my neck, and that they were growing at an alarming rate. We all face the possibility that a 2nd fight is down the road, though it may or may not. I'm currently living with daily neck spasms, etc., and don't know what my options would be if mine came back, but I will deal with it unlike my first diagnosis- I will wait for the Drs to give me the low down on options and what they propose as an attack plan, and then I'll get a second opinion from, in my case, the U of Iowa to see what their best plan would be, including probables on what those plans would physically do to me- all of that before I give the negatives a chance to enter my mind.

You won the first fight. Yes, you're 64, now, but that's not so old. My Dad has had a kidney removed in his mid-80s, and had a hernia Op when he was 89. Try to keep it in the Positive, and just wait for the facts from your Drs. You still have hope- that is fact.



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I'm sorry you are having to go thru this again. Please don't give up before you even know all the details. Think of your family before you say you have no fight. Trust me, I get how you're feeling....I just finished treatment in July so it's still fresh in my mind so I can't imagine having to do it again, however, I love my family too much to do nothing.
I'm sure someone will be on here soon and tell you how they have dealt with the second go around. Maybe be a little more specific about where your first cancer was(where in your throat) and exactly what treatment you had.
You will be in my prayers.

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