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CA 125 results...not happy.

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Had a terrific Thanksgiving and then received my latest results in the mail Friday. I choose not to call in for them because it makes me nervous. For the first time since I started the Tamoxifen in July my count went up. It has gone down steadily each month. Last month it was 24. The current count is 31. Of course I am disappointed but am trying not to let it get to me. I have appointments next week for my yearly appointment with my surgeon and oncologist who I am now seeing every three months. I am sure they will tell me not to worry about it but of course...easier said than done.

When I start to stress I tell myself that I am ok today, I will be ok tomorrow, next week and next month. I prefer not to worry any farther ahead than that.

When I get results I usually text my family and friends the good news. I am not going to text this news. I will tell them if or when they ask. I hate to be a downer.

Thank God I have you ladies to talk to. I know you are always here and understand exactly what I am feeling.


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I so wish I could take away your stress and worry but I can't because I know I would feel the same way as you. Truly though, the slight increase in your number could very well be caused by something non cancer related. The fact that your count has been steadily going down up to now, says to me that the drug is working. The bad part is that when we get this kind of news, our brains go to the dark scary place immediately. I'm glad you got the news after Thanksgivng so that you were able to enjoy the holiday with your family. Take a deep breath and know that we're here for you anytime you need us.



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I don't think that your ONC will be concerned about that small of a rise. My CA-125 rises and drops and I'm told that they look for trends. My family also hangs on news of my counts. I do the same as you do, shout number drops to the rooftops and then I try not to mention it if I have a rise. I'm glad you have your yearly appointment next week so you won't have to worry for long.
((((HUGS))))) Maria

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Hi Karen I went through the same thing I had my 3 month visit last Fri and Cat scan the day before Thanksgiving(nothing like a Barium drink the day before the holiday Yuck!) and i also didnt say anything to anyone about the tests didnt want to ruin anyones day. THANKFULLY all results where normal CA125 was 8 and CT scan was clear so when i did tell everyone they where all very excited. However everyone did tell me in the future to always let them know everything they dont want me to ever go through anything alone (we will see about that LOL) Hope everything is okay with your counts I will be thinking about you

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I just had CA125 other day because of cyst on ovaries. I just had a breat removed and now I have cyst on my ovaries
the doctor say since I had breat cancer they have to treat this like cancer also until they know otherwise .

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Hi there. Normal ca125 is anything below 35. That's what my onc says. Maybe your cyst is nothing more than a cyst. Praying you will have good results:).

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Thank You

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Had my surgery Tuesday and my cyst was just that .And the wash they did did'nt show any cancer cells .went to my oncologist and they put me on Anastrozole for 5 Yr. to keep my breast cancer from coming back.

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I am so scared I have been out of treatment for 1 and a half years. Ca125 was around 6 at the start went to 5 then 13, 5, 4, 11, 8 9, and now 18. Has anyone had jumps like this that were not a reacurrance.I am so stressed, my husband just retired and I have to work full time. The Dr. wants another teat on 12/28. Please help me although I have a supportive family and friends i feel so alone.

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My prays are with you I am hoping all is well. Don't know much about the CA125 test yet but guest I will learn.

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Mine does! It will go from 7 to 9 to 13 then to 17.2. Just as I am about to scream it drops to 15.2. I am 2 1/2 years out from chemo. I don't have ovarian, but UPSC uterine cancer and I)thank God) have not had a reacurance! The dr.'s say a hundred things make the ca125 go up and down. My big thing is stress. So it does happen...try to de-stress and see if it doesn't work! Good luck, best Debrajo

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I just had back surgery and my marker went up at an huge increased rate due to the inflammation. I have also had diverticulitis which did the same thing. My Dr has always said there will be fluctuation and I shouldn't get alarmed as it will make me crazy. They actually chart my ca125 automatically now and show me my graph. It doesn't seem so scary when you look at the graph because some rise/fall is in the noise. There is always a margin of error when getting test results. If my marker goes up a few points the Dr is happy and says I am stable....if it goes up several points (15-20). then we start to worry.. I get my blood work done weekly so a 15 - 20 increase in a week is big. I sure hope you are oak . You are still in the normal range so this is great news. Stay positive! Good luck and keep us posted! <3 Michele

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Thank you all for your replies and good wishes. I will see my Oncologist 1/2 and have anothe blood test. I am praying it goes down if not she will order a scan. It is nice to just have all of you to talk to I have so much support yet I feel so alone.

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