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Managing side effects of radiation?

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My mom has been in treatment this past year for Stage IIIc, grade 3 endometrial cancer. She did really well with her 6 rounds of chemo this spring/summer but has had a much rougher experience with radiation. She had 28 external beam radiation treatments, ending two days ago, and had side effects from day 1. This past week - the final 3 treatments - seemed to really impact her, so that she is feeling so much worse now that even just a week ago. Her main side effects seem to be nausea and a general lack of interest in food (not good since she is already pretty tiny and needs to gain weight!) and fatigue. These seem to be fairly common side effects but I'm wondering A) about how long do these side effects last and when is she likely to start feeling better and B) does anyone have any suggestions of things that made them feel better (strength-building foods that they were able to tolerate, foods or other things that helped ease other symptoms, etc.)? I really hope that this intensive treatment did the trick and will help lessen the chances of any future recurrences, because it has certainly taken a number on her system!
Thanks for any feedback- Stacey

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I didn't have external(five internal) radiation, but you could us the search box on the second page(I think). If I remember correctly there are several threads about diet, meds, solutions to bowel problems, ect. Maybe you can read them until the smarter ladies log on! Hope this helps, Best debrajo

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Radiation therapy is a cummulative process, so it is normal to feel worse as treatment occurs.

Early side effects, such as nausea or fatigue, are usually temporary. They develop during or right after treatment and last for several weeks after treatment ends, but then improve.

If your Mom has nausea, there are meds which can be given to help with that.

Eating many small meals or items during the day will be easier than trying to eat three larger ones. Keeping snacks close to hand may also encourage her to take bitss to help get energy.

I know that many of the drinks like Ensure and Boost are recommended to help patients get their energy back. They do contain sugar, so if that is a problem or concern there is one for diabetics called Glucerna. They also make snack bars.

Wishing your mom the best outcome from all this.

Marie who loves kitties

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