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CA 125 elevation and auto immune condition

sleepy hollow
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Hello All
I just joined the CSN today. I had chemo with IPT in July and since then my CA 125 has been within the normal range. Until last week that is - it doubled to 55 and I am freaking out that it might be a recurrence of the OC. But my bloodwork also showed that my TSH was elevated at 8 - so I am also hypothyroid now and also tested positive for thyroid antibodies (I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune thyroid conditions, the most common type of hypothyroidism). I will have my blood rechecked eery week for the next few - i am wondering if any of you out there have experienced your CA 125 elevate for reason that are NOT related to cancer - and have any of you seen your CA 125 elevate due to hypothyroidism?? thank you.

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I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's after chemo. There are actually those who believe that just about anyone with ovarian cancer also has this condition. My CA-125 was never elevated after completing chemo. There are many things that can cause your CA-125 to rise. I assume you are having it monitored closely?

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