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Nongerminomatous germ cell tumor

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My son was diagnosed with a NGGCT of the pineal gland in 2009, he was 13. Happy to share stories if anyone else has had similar. I cannot find anyone in Australia who has had it.

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Wow! You're the first one that I've found that has a son with NGGCT! My son is continuing treatment right now. He was diagnosed in June of this year and started chemotherapy right after his surgery for a shunt. My son is seven years old. I see that your son was diagnosed three years ago. How is he doing?

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How is your son now?

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Hi there, my son diagnosed same as ur son 5yrs ago when he was 8. He is now 13. Tumor has grown. back in 2012 he only went for 4 chemo cycles and we refused other treatments and seek alternatives but still going for Mri n blood tests. Hows ur son doing? We r still not keen in surgery.

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