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Holiday Cheer

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As we start the holiday season I'd like to offer this eggnog recipe that I found and modified in an old cookbook. I like to blend the eggs in a blender instead of just whisking them because it makes for a much smoother mixture and incorporates the brandy (if you desire) much better. I also coddle the eggs first (quick one minute bath in boiling water) to prevent any health risks. Eggs and milk are great for the protein, calcium and albumin levels and this is about the only time I use whole milk instead of 2%. I hope you enjoy this easy to make recipe and it costs a whole lot less than the $8+ they charge for a gallon at the store (I make it a gallon at a time.)




4 eggs
¼ cup sugar
1 quart milk
1 ½ tsp vanilla
¼ teaspoon salt


Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt in a blender until frothy. Mix with milk and whisk well to incorporate. Pour and mix with brandy, top with nutmeg.

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I assume this is a sign you are feeling a bit better! Love the attempt to spin egg nog as being good for you!


Brenda Bricco
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Hi Doc, I have never been the egg nog type ( I just couldn't get passed the raw egg thing). I'm glad you are enjoying it and I tend to think if you are enjoying it then is good for you. ;)
GOD bless you.

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One of my favorite holiday drinks. Cheers!


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For any who are concerned about the raw eggs, you can get pasturized eggs at the store. Not sure how they do that and keep them raw since most pasturization is with heat...lol.

At our house we always have an egg custard drink instead of egg nog. It has similar ingredients except that it is cooked and a bit thicker. You can drink it either warm or cold. An old family tradition from the country folks.

Regardless of your drink of choice, when you lift a glass this holiday season salute those no longer with us and all those who continue the fight.


Marie who loves kitties

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WE NEED RECIPE PLEASE, sounds delicious.
Please please pretty please?
Hugs, Marjan

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Will gladly share this simple recipe.

Heat 4 cups of milk in the top of a double boiler or heavy sauce pan until hot but not boiling.

While waiting, beat 4 to 6 eggs. The more eggs the richer the drink. Mix in 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar until well incorporated with eggs.

Once milk is hot, very slowly pour in the egg mixture stiring constantly to avoid scrambling the eggs.

Cook over medium heat until the mixture thickens and covers the back of a metal spoon.

Remove from heat and add vanilla extract to taste (usually about 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon). You can also add your favorite alcoholic additive if desired.

This can be served at room temperature if soon after making, otherwise refrigerate and serve cold.

This receipe has a number of variations on the number of eggs, amount of sugar or milk and even when to add the sugar. You can certainly change the amounts to suite your own taste.

More milk will make a thinner drink so you may not get it to totally coat a spoon. More eggs makes it richer. Adding the sugar after removing from heat may change the sweetness.

This is from my mother's family and she has been making it so long that when I called for the particulars it made me laugh because her answer to this type of thing is...you know I don't measure things!

I hope you try it and find it a good holiday drink.

Marie who loves kitties

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Even though eggs at the store are pasteurized, I still coddle them by dipping them for 1 minute in boiling water. Food borne bacteria are killed at 140 F so a minute at 212 F is long enough to kill the buggies but not long enough to start cooking the egg.

I'm going to have to try your custard drink, it sounds awesome.

son of hal
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I liked egg nog so much I drank a full quart when I was a kid and got terribly sick. Not so much anymore. Anyone concerned about the eggs or milk should try So Delicious coconut eggnog. It's made dairy free with coconut milk and barely has a hint of coconut flavor. It's also non-GMO made with organic coconuts and other ingrediants. I recommend it for the holidays, maybe even with a splash of rum or whiskey...

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Does anyone have experience with stevia instead of the sugar?

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Love eggnog.. but have never made it...
I am glad to see you are feeling better.. and embibbing..

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I'll try this recipe. I've also tried making my own Baileys, but so far the pre-bottled version is better than mine---but I have fun trying :)

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