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Feliz dia de Thanksgiving

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Hola a todos..
Been away from the site. Happy to say all my tests have
Come back negative. Still being closely monitored due to another 1mm module on my upper left lung. Recuperation from a VAST (3/30/12) surgery has been tuff But I'm 70% better. One of my docs said I can apply for SSI since I had major surgery but I choose to
Return to work. I think that being a social worker n helping others has help me deal w/ my own diagnosis.
Hope all is well for all of you. Sorry to read that some have passed n some are new. I Believe in prayers, q Dios lo bendiga a todos.

Besos y abrasos hoy y siempre.

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Happy to see your post and that your doing well. Work is good for us, I went back to work after 1 month, and I think it helped my recovery. Lori

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Happy to read your response. My doc's wouldn't let me go back right away, had a few step back after surgery n was hospitalized like 4 times but happy to say I' much, much better. Glad to read you are doing good. Have a nice holiday.


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¡Que todo le vaya bien!

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Nice to see you back, Marcia and Z and Steve. Happy holidays to all.

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Espero que te recuperes pronto, hay que rezar, because miracles happens.

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