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My Onc rocks

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Joined: Jun 2012

Instead of waiting until Monday for our appointment she decided to call me today with yesterday's pet scan results. She told me there is no uptake in any of the tumor sights so I asked "does that mean complete metabolic response?" and she said yes. Bless her heart she felt the need to call me before thanksgiving " so we can all have a happier holiday" . There's so much to be thankful for but for now I'll settle for a real shot at good health again and a Onc that rocks!

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Awesome news Aaron, enjoy Thanksgiving and the many more to come!!!! Vinny

miss maggie
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Dear Aaron,

God bless your oncologist for sharing the good news before Thanksgiving. I wish you always good health and happiness. Thanks for sharing your good news. Love Maggie

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Hi Aaron,
I'm very happy for you and impressed that you have such a caring considerate Onc to call you and not leave you hanging over the holiday. Enjoy your good news and the holiday! Sue

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Regardless, it was very thoughtful and considerate. Great news, too!

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That is awesome news Aaron. Soooo happy for you! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. What a great Onc!

Anonymous user (not verified)

And doubly sweet to hear it in a realistic time frame! Your Onc does rock :)

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Max Former Hodg...
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Outstanding, dude.

My doc never gave me a PET during treatment, only after the last (12th) treatment.

You got Santa early !

(I had not logged in here for a few days, and was hoping to hear from you, and it was the top thread !)



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Great great news! That is fabulous and your onc does rock! Congratulations !


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Hi Aaron! Sorry for the late response. I had company in
from out of town the week of Thanksgiving and wasn't on the site much.
Been playing catchup all week.

That is wonderful news!!!! I'm so glad.

Hugs to you and your family,


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Hi Aaron,
Wonderful News! So happy for you and the story about your Onc just made me smile from ear to ear, what an awesome Onc! Wish all of them were like that...so humane and connected to his patients! Hugs to you and take care.


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