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My affair with NED has gone into extra endings ! Check up today went better than expected. CA125 was 15.3 last time it was 19.2. So, no Drs. for six months!Yesssss Still havent gotten the echo on the new aortic valve, but dr. was at least comfortable with telling me he'd see me in a year! Thank you LORD through Christ Jesus for answered prayers. Best, debrajo

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Thats fantastic, Debrajo

May I be the 1st to congratulate you on this site


you are an inspiration to us all


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I am SO pleased for you - long may your dance with NED continue.
Kindest wishes

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I am so glad!!! Praise God! Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Wonderful fantasic amazing incredible!!!!!

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This is the type of affair I go for. I love you Debra. One of these days when life gives me a break I would love to meet you and all the ladies on this board. My daughter is still the same lying in bed all the time can hardly go to the commode and pumped with morphine. I am hoping the new medicine works or at least give her some kind of normalcy. Tomorrow she goes for the second chemo (lipsomal Vincristine) Oh! How I pray that she get some relief. I do know that our Great God is not responsible for the sorrows we face in this world. Some time soon according to the Scriptures He will give us peace, no more tears, nor more death and no more sorrow. (Revelation 21:3,4. My best regards to all of you.

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Now that's something to be thankful for, Debrajo. So happy for you.

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Best Thanksgiving ever. Wonderful. So happy for you.

Mary Ann

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Sara Zipora
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Soooo pleased for you. May your good news be a harbinger of good news to us all!


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Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

Thanks to all of you..it has been the best Thanksgiving! I find myself praying all the time for ALL of us to be rid of this cancer, and Nempark you have the roughest role to play in this facing the pain and suffering of your daughter. Extra Blessings for being so brave! I know God has a reason in his Masters Plan, but when it affects the children it is so hard to see past the fear. All of my kids have scared me half to death at one time or another,but it was usually their own doing. Your dear dau., just like all of us, don't deserve this cancer. I do believe there is a reason,it's just taking too long!Nempark, I do believe we will meet someday, matter of fact, I KNOW we will! Love to all, keep the faith,and keep EXPECTING the cure! Best, Debra

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What great news. So happy you and NED will continue to have your affair. Continue to celebrate Life. In peace and caring.

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that is great news!

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