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So Much to be Thankful For

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So much to be thankful for! We're here : ) Another Thanksgiving to celebrate, another day of living, our families and friends who are our caregivers and motivators, the medical staff and technology... the list goes on.

Many, many thanks to each of you for sharing your experiences, hopes, fears, referrals and humor. There's a line from a song that pretty much sums it up - "We have different lives and faces, but our hearts have common places."

Thank you for being there! - Deb

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I'm newer to this board, but loved your post ! I was feeling down a bit the day of thanksgiving...and then a small tornado of activity hit our home. Our grandbabies came to spend the day and night with us ! What a blessing, by the time they went home the next morning I was exhausted but felt unconditionally loved and very blessed to be able to say this. Wishing you the best ! Katie

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