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Thanksgiving thoughts

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Just thinking on this holiday season... I am so thankful for so many things: God, family, my horses/pets, job, house, health but every holiday season I feel down a bit. Seems like everyone is happy and has the "perfect" family, also the commercialization bums me out. I also really feel bad for all those who have recently lost someone - there have been 3 at work within the past month - coworker died suddenly in his sleep (he was only 52 and healthy), and then 2 other coworkers parents died in the past week. None of these deaths were cancer related but still very sad for the families and I can imagine that this time of the year makes it harder to take.

Well don't want to bring anyone down but just wanted to acknowledge my feelings and thoughts this Thanksgiving and that I pray for all of those who are going through the holidays missing a loved one who is no longer here. God bless, Ruffy

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I'm sorry Ruffy. I know exactly how you feel. I tried very hard to get out of going to or hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but my family pestered me til I gave in, now, although not at my house, I will be doing the cooking once again. Anyway, you're right, I too have so much to be grateful for but find myself so sad. I miss my mom and so many others (her the most though) and I'm sad to know what my aunt and cousin are going through and feel so helpless to help them. Anyway, I don't want to bring others down either but mainly wanted you to know that you're not alone in how you feel. I guess it's natural, but I sure would like to be one of the happy ones you mentioned...it's just not as easy as "doing it". It's just too hard.

Hang in there hon, things do get better. Hang on to the tiny happy things and when you feel the lowest try to think of them and pile them up til you have a BIG happy thing to make you smile.

Brenda Bricco
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Holidays have a way of making us a little down... heck Sundays have always depressed me. It's kind of you to be so compassionate to others, there really aren't many people who stop to remember others this time of year. People get so caught up in the perfect present, having the perfect dinner or what ever they are wanting this year.
I hope that you find peace and joy these holidays.
GOD'S blessings to you.

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