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Update on the eggplant - having some fun...

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I went back to my breast surgeon for what I had hoped would be the last time (nope, she wants me back in a month, but all looks good.)

I brought with me a sign I made for Exam Room 1 (where she always sees me.) It is a picture of a large eggplant, with Exam Room 1 written above. I put the sign up before I went into the room with the nurse.

A few minutes later, Dr. P's voice outside the room "Where did this eggplant come from?! I'm leaving it here!" I called through the door "that's no eggplant, it's a self-portrait from a few weeks ago!" She came in and we laughed together. At least for today, that room is the eggplant room.

Oh, and I brought cookies for the staff. Having been to the office over 10 times in the past 6 weeks, everyone had been complaining that we had to stop meeting like this; that we really should get together for some fun. So I brought in the fun.

It's good to keep laughing through thick and thin.

Wishing us all a good Thanksgiving, with good health.


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Well, actually, I don't know anything about curling - but you look healthy and active! Thanks for sharing your eggplant story - Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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i like it

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