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Question for LC group

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Hey everyone !
I've posted mainly in the H/N group. I have mets due to original tumor in the neck area to the lungs. Am I on the right board here for answers ? I'm assumming the tx's would be similar ? If not please let me know I should be elsewhere. Thanks ! Katie

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Hello, I'm familiar with colon cancer mets to the lungs and they are able to use radiation or wedge resection to remove them. I don't know if you have a squamous cell, but I had squamous cell in my lower right lung and they removed the lower right lung on 9-23-10. It wasn't a met as I had anal cancer and completed tx on 6-30-09, and the anal cancer had hpv, whereas, the lung nodule didn't. I didn't require chemo or radiation as it was caught early due to being scanned for anal cancer. I hope others will chime in. Lori

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Hi Katie, Happy Thanksgiving. I do know that a mets retains the characteristic of the primary tumor. The chemo used would be whatever is standard for second or third line chemo. That said, the chemo agents used are pretty much the same: carbo- or cisplatin, etc. I can't see Z's answer but I think she mentioned that mets to the lungs can be treated by surgery. That is great because a lung primary that mets can't be operated on.

Guess I would say you belong in both. Actually, I am thinking that if this is a lung primary and lymphs are clear it would be early stage and could be surgically excised via the VATS or more traditional thoracotomy. From there forward, if they choose to chemo it would be adjuvant. If there is radiation, you may have issues with esophagitis, but lets not go there until we know more.

I, for one, enjoy having you here and I'm sure others feel the same. Let us know what happens.

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Z, Denny,
I'll know more about these issues on the 27th. So then there will be tons of questions to shoot in your direction. I know if this is mets....it could get a bit hairy...and if it's a second primary, well one day at a time on that too ! Thanks again ! Katie

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