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Secondary brain cancer I need information from real people

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My wife is 48 years old. She was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer November 2011. She went through two rounds of chemo, surgery with a reconstruction, more chemo and then radiation. In July of 2012, she was halfway through radiation and she was diagnosed with as secondary cancer, carcinomitous meningitis. It has spread to her brain. She receives treatment via intrathecal chemotherapy. It's been four months to her diagnosis. She is starting to experience more neurological deficits. The doctors gave her 2-4 months. Her fighting spirit is incredible
I was wondering if anyone can share any information they have, good, bad or indifferent about their experience.
Thank you.

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My good friend Leslie was diagnosed about a year & a half ago, with untreatable brain cancer. Yesterday was her birthday. Today I spoke to her husband and they have called in Hospice. Brain cancer will take her life, but it did not take her spirit. She wanted and wants to be treated like the human being she was. She did not want our pity, and always told me she had no regrets. She wants to be remembered the way she was not the way she ended up. If there is anything you can give your wife, it will to be there by her side. Be strong, though it will be tough. Don't give in to the cancer and let it take her dignity. Leslie was always positive and I think that is why we have had her so long since her diagnosis. If God is going to take your wife, it is because he needs her with him. She will have a rough road a head of her, it is not pretty, and it will be very hard. You need to prepare yourself and your family for the worst and pray for the best. It will take every once of your strength and hers too, to get through this. Odds are strong she will loose her hair, if she has not already. Something about us woman and our hair, it means a lot to us. Start asking now, does she want to take control of her cancer of her destiny. Then cut it very short, does she have anything she needs to do now, right now and do it. Don't hesitate on anything she wants to do or needs. Don't be afraid to talk about what is happening to her. She needs to talk about it. Don't think if you don't discuss it, it won't happen. You'll regret it for the rest of your life. Be her friend, not just her husband. She is afraid, very afraid even if she says she's not. If you haven't already, get with your religious guidance, your priest, pastor which ever it is. Help guide her through her fears. Toward the end she will come to except her fate and maybe find some peace in it. Some people get angry, especially the young ones that feel robbed of their life. Most of all don't be afraid to laugh... try to reach out to the good time, the funny times. You have a long walk, hers is longer and in the end she will have to do it alone. Help her to get to the beginning of her journey without you.

I believe God has plans for all us. Some do not require much time to fulfill those plans. Know that despite how hard it will be, in the end she will be in a place where there is no pain only peace.

God Bless you and your family.

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Dear Vju1096, It always surprises me when our loved ones are able to fight against awful diseases like cancer. We hear everyday what a deadly disease it is. For our loved ones to able to fight for themselves, to will themselves to live for us, that is a blessiing. My father died a few years ago because of brain cancer, and it was a hard time for my family. I hope you and your family will stay together during this tough time. My best to you and your wife, Tommy

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I had an Estheseioneuroblastoma at age 30. (sinus cancer). I have been fighting it for the last 7 years. It has now gone to the Meninges of my brain and has taken over. I am the only one who has ever had this. I have been to 3 different clinics. spoken to over 500 doctors and there has been no case like mine in any medical journal. I am fighting as hard as I can. I have had chemo and radiation twice. I have been bald longer than i think ive had hair ! Im getting used to it now. So now I have signed my DNR. No one knows whats next, i still go every 3 months to my scans and either they dont want to tell me its has grown into or all the way around my brain, or they say "its stable". But I am prepared for what they have to say and I have prepared my family.Good luck to you, and your wife still and always will have her spirit.

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