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Has anybody tried juicing?

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I made my first post a few weeks ago. I am 28 y/o with Stage IV cancer. It started in the colon and liver, but now that I had my colon removed it is in the liver and also spread to the lungs. Unfortunately, I've used up all the chemo treatments and now am just trying everything I can find. I started juicing a few days ago, has anyone tried it? Any advice? Did it help out at all? Thanks a lot, any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated.


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hi, my daughter also has stage IV colon cancer. She was diagnosed in July, had colon surgery then liver and now will be starting chemo in a few weeks. But she is also doing alot of natural things..she bought an omega juicer, juices wheatgrass and other juices. We found a neat website called chrisbeatcancer.com it offers alot of good recipes. She also goes to a natural doctor, she does vitamin c intravenous in high dose. Mistletoe, turmeric in high dose and a few other. One new one from Germany, enzymes, called wobe-mucos. She has more energy from all of this than the rest of us. The reasoning behind it: a strong immune system can fight! All the best!

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Thank you so much. All the best to your daughter.

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I started juicing after reading NanaB's and several other's posts. I just got diagnosed stage IV after two months previous NED.

I have read numerous books, and Juicing for Life and Gerson Therapy made a lot of sense to me. I do not believe they are the end all, I believe they are a great addition to one's health.

Cancer is a multi faceted battle, why are we not fighting on different facets?

Best Always, mike

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AFAIK, our most successful stage IV juicer has been Scouty, who did 8 months of FOLFOX-Avastin, finally got a surgery with a clean report, starting over 11 years ago.

After 8 mo Scouty was hammered by the long FOLFOX-Av series, and her CEA was still a little highish. She went all out on diet and juicing, the CEA declined to very small values, she stayed NED, got healthy, and went back to work.
IMO, stage IV has been best averted by surgery where humanly possible, with intelligent chemistry, more aggressive than "standard" with experimental things that show a high therapeutic index (benefit / toxicity) and serious changes in diet.

I consider juicing important as a supportive element with potential for hitting molecular targets. If I still had PET/CT visible cancer, I would not use stand alone juicing. By the same token, we've pushed surgery beyond average medical acceptance and used nicer, highly experimental chemo based on molecular targeting with generic materials, for far longer than usual, even with surgery.

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i am having a juice right now, a carrot, beet, celery etc etc with some flax oil.
you are my type of guy, really willing to just try everything ? thats similar to my approach.
some of my friends here will smile at that.

tanstafl answer is great, so i have had 1000 of juices over 2 1/2 years, and i may still have cells that are stupid. but I think they are changing back to normal. juicing has given me lots of strength and health.

if you want to try everything, getting your priorities straight is one. juice away by all means, personally I go soft on the carrot these days. way to much sugar, i might have one carrot a day. thats it. being happy is my top goal, so i smile while i juice.


ps you are amongst friends here, relax and enjoy today, my prayer is simply to live well and be well. you might want to read my german posts about odd therapies if you want a laugh.

Peter Piper
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Hi James
Here's wishing you all the best in your cancer journey.
I had malignat melanoma (stage 3-4) about 12 years ago.
Prognosis was 50/50 whether there would be any further probs.
Reckoned that I would try ANYTHING to make sure i was in the surviving 50.
I researched just about everything that I could find to improve my chances.
Re: juicing
I beleive that there are many types of cancers that respond well to nutritional therapies which of course include juicing.
During my research I read an article in the local newspaper about a guy with advanced melanoma. He had been given 3 weeks to live.
There he was, merrily juicing away in his kitchen TWO AND A HALF years later (Gerson Therapy)
I of course included juicing in my strategy among other things to improve my chances.
I realise how much of a boost it can be to someone to hear about other people doing well so I thought I'd drop you a line.
Best Regards

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I tried getting into juicing when I was first dx'd but couldn't afford one of the fancy machines. I really enjoy juice and smoothies a lot, so when I do break out the blender I make as much as I can and freeze for later use. When I'm not up to juicing, I get the varietal blends from Dole and mix in supplements from GNC.

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