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Im Thankful for Gods gift of Life that I am here.
Im Thankful for Diane my wife and caretaker who I am so blessed to have in my life.
Im Thankful for all the Doctors that took good care of me.
Im Thankful for the nurses and others that treated me so well, with care and dignity.
Im Thankful for my family and so many friends and strangers that prayed for me.
Im Thankful for all my new friends that I have met since being dx back in March on this site.

So to all my friends on this site, Diane and I wish you all a great Thanksgiving.

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Throwing best wishes and a serving of Happy Thanksgiving toward you and Diane...


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Hi ditto1,

Everything you said except substitute Candy for Diane (that way I do not get in trouble) and of course a big thanks to all the H&N warriors and their caregivers.

Butterball on Thursday and I am eating!


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I'm pretty darn grateful this Thanksgiving, also...I can't believe we've been on the site for 7 months. All the people here truly saved me emotionally...I'll never be able to give back what I have received.

Matt...you're going to love TG dinner, I think...so many different tastes that fatigue comes slower...then there's all that extra gravy to get things down with. I had a practice trial on TG dinner during our harvest dinner here at work...even the dressing was good.....course LOTS of gravy. Don't forget to give us a score on your experience :).


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There is so much to be thankful for, it would take up too much space to list ! I wish you all a very Happy thanksgiving holiday...and want to send you each a giant cyber hug from my family to yours ! Katie

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best thanksgiving ever!--even though I'll be skipping the family dinner up in Michigan this year (not ready to try stuffing deviled eggs with anchovies into my PEG tube, lol).

thankful for family and friends!
thankful for the caregivers, and all the staff at mercy med center in toledo, ohio!
thankful for the strength to fight the fight.

and to my canadian friends--better late than never, eh? Happy 'Action de grâce'!

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Susan Gubar has a thoughtful essay today at her Living with Cancer blog.

Offering Thanks for Caregivers

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My second chance at life
My husband, who without I never could have tackled the nasty beast
My 2 sons who did their very best to make me comfortable while I was sick
My friends and neighbors for all of the food they brought to my family
My friends for all of their rides to radiation and for "making" me go even when I wanted to quit
To all of you, my H&N family for the support, encouraging words and advice, honestly you've all saved my butt more than you know
My surgeon at USC and his staff
My rad onc at Torrance Memorial Hospital and the RNs there
My med onc at CCA and his RNs who held my hair out of the way and made sure I was as comfortable as possible
lastly I'm thankful for the best 3 letter I've ever heard NED

My prayer for thanksgiving will be that all my friends on this site will feel well, have successful treatments, and enjoy the time with their families.

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Well said Billie...ditto for me. God bless us all


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I "ditto" everything you said, just insert my names :)

Have a great Yard Bird day everyone ...(as we say in the South)



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I don't know if there is anything I could add to everyone's list of things and people to be thankful for, so will just say a big "Thanks" to all of the people who have helped me be NED 3+ years after my Dx early in 2009. I would not be alive to write this if not for my wife, my doctors, numerous other medical staff, family, friends, and other members of Team Mike who sent Good Vibes the many times they have been needed along the way.

It takes a big village to help someone fight the beast.


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my life
my wife
my children
my family
my NED and most of all....

for the amazing people on this site who reach out their hands whenever a new member joins, be it patient, caregiver or family member, and those frightened people hear: "grab on...we won't let go".

Happy Thanksgiving to the most amazing people I've ever come across, my CSN family!

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to enjoy another one with family. Last year, I thought would be my last. I was in the nausea time with chemo induction, couldn't eat. Now, it all looks good. Glad to be here to give thanks.


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Life is such a precious gift given to us and when it is threatened by something you grab on just a little tighter and appreciate just a little more. This thanksgiving I am soo thankful to be surrounded by everyone I love and cherish. I am especially thankful that my dad will be sitting at the thanksgiving table EATING with us and that my mom (who just this past Sunday had a heart attack) is sitting next to him along with my children, husband, brothers, sisters and in laws. To all of you I wish a very happy healthy thanksgiving.

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very nice post

so much to be thankful for

i'm going to add one of mine "Today"

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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I haven't been on here for awhile but 'm thankful this thanksgiving that I'm in my own home and I can eat by mouth and can talk even though i still have my trach and I'm still cancer free

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Pam M
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Hoping that for the rest of the year, not just til Turkey Day's over, we can (as often as we are able) dwell on the things/people/situations that make us feel thankful.